Bon Appétit shouts out Bandit Pâtisserie for their original, delicious pastries

Excuse me while I wipe the drool from my lip. Photo via Bandit Pâtisserie’s Facebook

These mouth-watering pastries have impressed all of us here in Birmingham, now they’re on the pages of Bon Appétit Magazine (BA). Yes, you read the title correctly. One of Birmingham’s favorite bakeries, Bandit Pâtisserie, was recently featured in their “11 Recipes for People (Us, You) Who Miss Restaurants” list. Keep reading for more deets on these delectable treats.

They gave recipes to great meals from restaurants we all may miss

Bandit Patisserie, pie
All of their treats are sweet as pie. Photo via Bandit Pâtisserie’s Facebook

Restaurants and diners have been bouncing back from shutdowns, but not all of them are open. This includes the outstanding bakery, Bandit Pâtisserie. The owners of Bandit are reopening a new location on First Avenue North this month. However, they are not open just yet.

I know what you are thinking—how can we get our hands on those goodies? This question inspired Bon Appetit to share how we could make our favorite menu items at home. The article talked about the BA staff longing to visit their fave eateries to get a taste of those irresistible meals and desserts.

They revealed the recipe to a few must-try meals from restaurants around the country so you can enjoy your dinner daydreams in real time—while at home.

“A decadent, chocolaty tart from a tiny patisserie in Birmingham”

BA gave tips on how to create the Chocolate-Almond Pear Tart from Bandit at home. Photo via Bon Appétit

Sonia Chopra, BA’s Executive Editor, shouted out Bandit’s Chocolate-Almond Pear Tart—what they call a decadent chocolaty treat. She also mentioned her initial thoughts when first trying the tart in the article.

“One of my best friends recently moved to Alabama and for months she would send me photos of stunning pastries from Bandit Patisserie in Birmingham. The bakery was closed for my first two visits but the third time was a charm. I fell hard for the delicate pastries—like this incredible pear and chocolate tart. I want to come back every season to get the full range of fruit offerings (is it strawberry season yet?).”

Sonia Chopra, Executive Editor, Bon Appétit via Bon Appétit

Try to make it yourself with the full recipe, but you haven’t truly had it until you’ve tried it at Bandit. They will be open 9AM-1PM every Saturday and Sunday starting November 14th.

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