Get in the spooky spirit—head to The Pizitz Food Hall for a FREE Halloween party Oct. 30


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Luminarts will be making an appearance. Photo via Luminarts

Just in time for Halloween, The Pizitz Food Hall is hosting a party you do not want to miss on Saturday, Oct 30 at 8PM. This event will feature Tarot card readings, live DJs and plenty of LED circus performers (because what’s a Halloween party without those?). Read on for the full details.

The Pizitz Food Hall After Dark—Spooky Edition 👻🎃

pizitz food hall
Who’s ready to get spooky? Photo via The Pizitz Food Hall

The Pizitz Food Hall is no stranger to hosting incredibly fun community events, and Saturday, October 30 will be extra special.

Featuring one-of-a-kind entertainment, festive drinks, multiple live DJs and Tarot card readings, it’s the perfect way to get in the Halloween spirit.

Here’s what you need to know:

Live Entertainment by Luminarts 🔥🤸‍♀️

performance pizitz
Don’t try this at home. Photo via Luminarts, Travis Baars Photography

Throughout the evening, Luminarts will be providing unique entertainment. The group will be “roving,” which is a mix of circus and lights. And, they’ll be using props like hula hoops, fans and more to keep things interesting.

Performers will be dressed to the nines in circus-themed costumes with a dark Halloween twist. Don’t try this at home—Luminart’s experienced performers come from a variety of backgrounds and training, including dance, cheerleading, martial arts and more.

Spooky Sips at Louis Bar in The Pizitz Food Hall 🍸🍹

Louis bar pizitz
Grab a spooky cocktail from The Louis Bar. Photos via Jacob Blankenship for Bham Now

At the center of The Pizitz Food Hall, you’ll find The Louis Bar. They have over 12 beers on tap and a large wine selection, but who would turn down a spooky cocktail on Halloween eve?

At the event on Saturday, Oct 30, The Louis will be serving up a specialty cocktail called, “Hocus Pocus Margaritas,”… I’ll take two, please.

Tarot Card Readings ✨🤩

Ever had a Tarot card reading? Well, now’s your chance.

The Pizitz Food Hall has pulled out all the stops for this spooky evening, including bringing on Tarot reader Hunter Moon. Hunter encourages first-timers to give it a try and shares that the cards can be an excellent tool for navigating life’s obstacles.

“Often people who haven’t had their Tarot cards read are intimidated due to the stigma surrounding Tarot. But thanks to its increasing popularity on social media, more people are giving it a try. I believe Tarot is best used as a tool to help navigate life’s obstacles. I will happily pull cards for your future, but you are better served by using the cards as advice to guide you to the future you desire. I don’t believe there are any “bad” cards, but there are cards with more challenging advice.”

—Hunter Moon, Tarot Reader

DJs Spinning at The Pizitz Food Hall 🎶🕺

What’s a good party without a little music? The evening’s soundtrack will be provided by DJs Gina Tollese and Giani Martin. So, get ready to dance, because they’ll be spinning tunes all night long.

Gina Tollese gave us the inside scoop on her set, which will have something for everyone. She loves old school and disco, as well as 90s and 00s throwbacks, so expect plenty of those hits. Of course, she’ll mix in a few Halloween classics to keep things festive.

RSVP today! We’ll catch you at The Pizitz Food Hall on Oct 30.

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