It’s the season for sweets—5 can’t-miss candy shops in Birmingham

Candy shops in Birmingham
Take a bite of the best sweets at these candy shops in Birmingham. Photo via Sky Bear Confections

With Halloween around the corner, we know you’re already in the mood for candy. We’re here to fulfill your sweet tooth cravings with the ultimate guide to every candy shop in Birmingham creating local confections and spook-tastic treats.

1. The Birmingham Candy Company

candy shops in Birmingham
Pop in for a spooky treat this Halloween season at our fave candy shops in Birmingham. Photo via Birmingham Candy Company

Located in the Pizitz Food Hall, The Birmingham Candy Company will have you feeling like a kid in a candy store. This family-owned candy shop only uses the freshest local products to achieve sweet perfection.

Everything is handmade. From caramel apples adorned with pecans to praline pecan bites, each item is made with locally-sourced ingredients and care.

You have to visit their special pop-up shop at the Summit that opened this past weekend, October 16.

2. Chocolatá Artisanal Chocolates

Candy shops in Birmingham
Chocolatá has creations choc-full of fun like these pumpkin candies. Photo via Chocolata

Something about Chocolatá just puts me at ease. Maybe it’s their ethereal aesthetic or maybe it’s knowing that a divine assortment of chocolate isn’t too far out of reach. Located in Downtown Birmingham, Chocolatá mixes diverse flavors in handcrafted recipes.

If you’re looking to shop local for your holiday gifts this year, this chocolate shop has gift boxes filled with the sweetest treats in unique flavors and shapes like pumpkins and frogs.

Did you know you can actually give back to a good cause by eating sweets? Their artists chocolate series is a partnership with Yogi Dada Art to raise money for black art students in Birmingham, so go grab a bar right now.

  • Location: 1927 2nd Ave N, Birmingham, AL 35203
  • Hours: Tuesday-Wednesday 11AM-5PM I Friday 11AM-8PM I Saturday 11AM-3PM
  • Website I Facebook I Instagram

3. Sugar Inc

candy shops in Birmingham
Check out cool products at candy shops in Birmingham like this colorful candy box from Sugar. Photo via Sugar Inc

Let’s face it. Everyone gets a sweet tooth every now and then—some more than others. The boutique candy shop Sugar has something for everyone to enjoy.

You can satisfy that sweet tooth with vintage candies, seasonal assortments, sour belts, gummy bears, toffee and so much more. They even have a section one their website for Tik Tok trending candy, so you can try all those famous trending sweets.

I recommend their spooky skeleton candy tray for Halloween, complete with a tiny plastic skeleton and spooky gummies.

  • Location: 69 Church St, Mountain Brook, AL 35213
  • Hours: Monday-Friday 2:15-5PM I Saturday Noon-5PM I Sunday 1-4PM
  • Website I Facebook

4. Sky Bear Confections

Sky Bear
Behold the delectable Hocus Pocus candy box. Photo via Sky Bear Confections

At Sky Bear Confections you’ll feel like you’re eating art with these hand-painted truffles. They also do super fun themed candies like Harry Potter and Hocus Pocus inspired for holidays.

If you’re not in the mood for these delicious truffles, you can always try their amazing pralines, fudge or homemade marshmallows.

Check out their instagram for in-shop events like a recent Harry Potter wand-making session.

  • Location: 1911 Gadsden Hwy, Birmingham, AL 35235
  • Hours: Sunday Noon-4PM I Tuesday 8AM-8:30PM I Wednesday-Saturday 8AM-6PM
  • Website I Facebook I Instagram

5. Treats So Sweet

candy apples
Try out the candy apples here to satisfy your sweet tooth. Photo via Treats So Sweet

Treats So Sweet has a lot of incredible confection creations, such as cupcakes, banana pudding and chocolate-covered strawberries. However, the main attraction here are their candy apples. They come in multiple flavors like cherry red, blue raspberry, grape and more.

You should also grab one of their delicious caramel apples while you’re there—decked with chocolate, nuts and other toppings of your choosing.

  • Location: 605 Springville Rd Ste. A, Birmingham, AL 35215 
  • Hours: Thursday-Friday 11AM-6PM I Saturday 11AM-8PM
  • Website I Facebook

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