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BBA Flex
Kalandria Thompson is working on her bachelor’s degree while doing a full-time job and being a mom. Photo via Kalandria Thompson

When she graduated from high school, Kalandria Thompson enrolled in the University of North Alabama (UNA), but the timing just wasn’t right. She left and entered the workforce, where she thrived in HR. Now that her kids are older, she decided it was time to go back to get her degree, and UNA’s Bachelor of Business Administration (Online BBA Flex) program was the perfect fit. Here’s why. 

Meet Kalandria Thompson

Kalandria Thompson
Kalandria Thompson and her family. Photo via Kalandria Thompson

Kalandria Thompson is an HR Manager with the Tuscaloosa Public Library. She’s also a mom and wife who loves supporting her kids in their activities. 

After she left UNA the first time over 17 years ago, she worked in various jobs that all centered around management. Ultimately, she found her way into HR. 

Since there’s no HR position above her, and she wants to continue to grow and have new adventures in her career, she decided to go back to school.

Deciding to enroll in UNA’s Online BBA Flex program

New Start Scholarship
You can get a scholarship for your first course on UNA. Graphic via UNA College of Business and Technology’s Facebook

Looking at both her career options and her family situation, Thompson decided she was at a place in life where she was ready to take on the challenge of finishing her degree. 

Since her children (11 and seven when she began) were no longer babies, she knew she could be a little more hands off with them, while still supporting them in their various activities. 

Thompson had also been married for over a decade, and she’d built a nice support system. 

“If I was waiting on the perfect time, now is probably as good as it’s going to get for me to step back into education.”

Kalandria Thompson

Once she decided to go back to school, she started looking to see what her options were. UNA was her first choice. 

When she spoke with an advisor and learned about the BBA Flex program, the possibility of earning her degree became much more real. The fact that she could work the program around her other responsibilities, all from the comfort of her own home, was very appealing.

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What the Online BBA Flex online is like in real life

UNA College of Business and Technology
UNA’s campus in Florence is so beautiful. Photo via UNA College of Business and Technology’s Facebook

“It’s actually going great. It’s not nearly as stressful as I thought that it was going to be. I absolutely love it.”

Kalandria Thompson

Thompson is enjoying the flexibility built into the program. One feature she really values is being able to spread her classes out in a way that works for her schedule. This helps her take on a larger load without feeling like she is.

A self-confessed procrastinator by nature, she’s retraining her brain and giving herself weekly deadlines to keep the work manageable with the rest of her life. 

She’s doing well in the program and is on track to finish in four years, part-time with no semesters off. 

“I love the flexibility and the fact that it fits into my lifestyle. I have managed to find a schedule with these classes that allows me to still work full time. My children play various sports, and I can manage my workload enough to where I can still be part of their activities. 

And, the professors have been great. If I have questions, I can log in when it’s convenient for me, as opposed to having to be in classes at a certain time. 

The combination of all those things makes the program a great program to go through. I still feel like I’m getting the same quality of education that I would get if I were sitting in a classroom, taking a full load and going through it the old fashioned way.”

Kalandria Thompson

Enroll now in UNA’s Online BBA Flex program

This program is 100% online and designed for working adults. 

You can: 

  • Experience how organizations work.
  • Grow your leadership, management and communication skills. 
  • Earn your degree while working full time.
  • Course options: 
    • 8-week self-paced business courses OR
    • 16-week instructor-guided business courses
    • OR a mix of both
  • Join a top-ranked and AACSB-accredited accelerated business degree from a legacy institution.
  • Benefit from the advising support of the same faculty who teach in UNA’s esteemed master’s and doctoral programs.

The details: 

Apply now for the Online BBA Flex program. Visit UNA’s College of Business and Technology on their website, follow them on Facebook or Instagram today.

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