Your guide to Birmingham’s beautiful murals in 2021—Part 2

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Birmingham murals
(Chaise Sanders / Bham Now)

We are back with more murals, so you can know where to find the coolest art in the city. This is part two of our ultimate guide to Birmingham’s murals. Check out part one first, if you missed it.

1. Rotary Trail Mural—@joamodecor@brother_andy, @illartpeace ,@ahmadaustinart  @catrion

Birmingham, Avenue A Townhomes, The Rotary Trail, H2 Real Estate, The Dobbins Group
The new mural wall along The Rotary Trail in Birmingham. Photo via Pat Byington for Bham Now

This collaborative mural was designed by several Birmingham artists and can be found off of 23rd Street South in downtown.

2. Rooted in Alabama Mural—@masonplusdixon

Pepper Place Market. Photo via Bham Now

You can spot this mural of a man in overalls on the wall of Pepper Place Market.

3. Hop City Mural— @lowsparkarts

Hop City
Southside’s mural commemorating Hop City’s 5th Anniversary. Photo via Pat Byington for Bham Now

The Hop City mural is an artistic rendition of downtown Birmingham. The mural can be found in Pepper Place on the side of the Hop City Building.

4. Colorful Eyes Mural—@marcusfetch & @blankspacebham

Eyes that look out over Birmingham. Photo via Miranda Shaffer for Bham Now

This is one of my favorite murals in the city. It reminds me of the billboard in the Great Gatsby, with eyes that seem to watch you. This mural has now been updated to portray the old man wearing a mask.

5. Colorful Cityscape at Fife’s—

fife's meat and threes
Such a nice pop of color. Photo via Chaise Sanders for Bham Now

Grab a bite at Fife’s Restaurant, and check out this pastel-colored mural on the side wall while you’re there.

6. “North Avondale Rocks”—@rizzotattoos

North Avondale Rocks
North Avondale Rocks

What happens when a tattoo artist meets a blank space in Avondale? A giant mural, of course! Local tattoo artist Vincent Rizzo got the chance to express his creative talent on the exterior of C&CJ’S Carwash in Avondale—and it is so expansive, you can’t capture it all in one shot!

The mural wraps around the entire building and features a variety of interesting characters and scenes, from our own Sloss Furnaces to the beloved Pink Panther.

7. “Welcome to Birmingham, The Magic City”—@blankspacebham

Birmingham murals
Welcome to Bham everyone. Photo via Nathan Watson for Bham Now.

According to Blank Space Bham, Meghan McCollum organized the mural for the pilot episode of Jefferson County: Probation, a Comedy Central series by Roy Woods Jr.

Instead of painting over the mural after the scene was recorded, the team decided to leave it up, with plans to elaborate in the future. We can’t wait to see what comes next!

8. Wininger Baseball Mural—@stephensmithfineart & @tymcornell

Giant baseball players tower over you on this mural. Photo via Hannah Chambley for Bham Now

See the New York Yankees play baseball in Birmingham when you visit this mural on the side of The Wininger Law Firm downtown.

9. Robot and Monkey Mural—@johnlytlewilson

John Lytle Wilson

I spy a robot. Photo via Bham Now

John Lylte Wilson’s iconic robot can be found on Morris Avenue in Birmingham’s Historic District. Spot the monkeys climbing up his legs.

10. OneWheel Jesus Mural—@pcwilm 

“Don’t ever stop!” mural by Paul Cordes Wilm between Morris Avenue and 23rd Street. Photo via Miranda Shaffer for Bham Now

This mural was inspired by a real guy named Mark Lindsey, who was nicknamed OneWheel Jesus, as he rode around town wearing only a hospital gown on a one-wheeled skateboard.

11. The Birmingham Pledge Mural—@gengibres

A giant mural in front of TJ Tower. Photo via Bham Now

This mural depicts four boys standing together next to the text of the Birmingham Pledge. It was designed by Michael Richardson and executed by Patricia Martin. It can be found on the wall of the Birmingham Police Headquarters.

12. Theatre District Mural—@blankspacebham & @brother_andy

Theatre mural
This colorful mural is in the Theatre District. Photo via Bham Now

This bright mural displays a dancer, drummer, guitarist and more. You can find it near the Lyric and Alabama Theatre.

13. Church of the Reconciler Mural— @blankspacebham@marcusfetch

Catch this mural on the side of the Church of the Reconciler
Mural at the Church of the Reconciler. Photo via Pat Byington for Bham Now

A mural of multiple colors and shapes grace the side of the Church of the Reconciler.

14. Ted’s Restaurant Mural—@bbonardd + Chris Seagle

You’ve got to try out Ted’s Restaurant. Photo via Pat Byington for Bham Now

This bright green and white mural on the side of Ted’s Restaurant is a nice and friendly welcome before you even enter the iconic meat and three spot.

15. Birmingham Breadworks Mural—  @brother_andy

Lakeview District Birmingham
Lakeview District’s Breadworks on 7th Avenue South across from the VA parking deck. Photo via Pat Byington for Bham Now

Find a beautiful watercolor style painting of Birmingham’s downtown cityscape at Birmingham Breadworks.

Keep an eye out for our next parts of your guide to murals in Birmingham, coming soon. And, remember to tag us @bhamnow in all your mural pics!

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