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Vulcan Park & Museum
Pre-commit to the STAND WITH VULCAN specialty license plate. Photo via Vulcan Park and Museum

Hey Vulcan fans! It’s time to show your love for ‘The Big Guy’ by pre-committing to order the STAND WITH VULCAN specialty license plate. Here’s why this is the ultimate way to support Vulcan Park and Museum. Ready to pre-commit? Fill out this form now

More than a license plate

Think the STAND WITH VULCAN specialty place is just a typical license plate? Trust me, it’s much more than a fun way to jazz up your car. It’s also a wonderful way to support Vulcan Park and Museum’s mission to:

  • Preserve and promote Vulcan as the symbol for the Birmingham region
  • Advance knowledge and understanding of Birmingham’s history and culture
  • Encourage exploration of the region

The STAND WITH VULCAN license plate costs $50. Of this amount, $41.25 directly benefits Vulcan Park Foundation—the organization that keeps Vulcan Park and Museum thriving.

Keep reading to learn about three things your pre-commiment helps support.

1. Birmingham Walking Tours 

Vulcan Park & Museum, Birmingham Walking Tours
Birmingham Walking Tours. Photo via Vulcan Park and Museum

Did you know Vulcan Park and Museum is behind the Birmingham Walking Tours? For over a decade, the Tours have provided a unique and educational way to explore The Magic City’s architectural beauty and history. 

When you pre-commit to purchase the STAND WITH VULCAN specialty license plate, you’re also helping keep the Birmingham Walking Tours striding strong.

Tours are offered on select Saturdays and Sundays. Discover which tours are coming up.

Vulcan Park and Museum also offers tours of its interactive and comprehensive history museum. These tours are possible with help from people like you who are willing to fund Vulcan Park and Museum and its many programs. Find info + pricing on museum tours here.

2. Vulcans on Parade

Vulcan, The Pizitz
Vulcan at The Pizitz in Birmingham. Photo via Jacob Blankenship for Bham Now

We all love the OG Vulcan that stands atop Red Mountain. But it’s hard to resist the many other Vulcan statues that continue to pop up at different locations around Birmingham. 

Each statue is part of Vulcans on Parade—an art installation that features individually painted fiberglass replicas of Birmingham’s infamous Vulcan statue. 

Debuted in 2015, the project was designed to highlight visitor attractions in the area.

Who’s behind it? The answer is Vulcan Park and Museum’s Junior Board. The mission of the Junior Board is to support the mission, needs and overall promotion of Vulcan Park and Museum. The Vulcan on Parades project is an extension of that.

Pre-commit now to purchase the STAND WITH VULCAN specialty license plate to provide valuable funding to support Vulcan Park and Museum’s mission to promote Vulcan as the symbol for the Birmingham region.

3. Vulcan Park and Museum remains beautiful and accessible

Lone Pine Mine, Vulcan
Lone Pine Mine. Photo via Vulcan Park and Museum

Vulcan Park and Museum is a popular spot in The Magic City with more than 170,000 visitors each year. Whoa! By doing something as simple as rocking a cool license plate on your car, you’re also helping keep this special place in Birmingham beautiful and accessible to all. 

This means Vulcan can receive his annual check up to ensure he’s in tiptop shape, that the observation deck is maintained and that improvements are made regularly to Lone Pine Mine.

Ready to order your plate? Just click here.

Follow these steps to pre-commit and stand with Vulcan

Birmingham, Vulcan Park and Museum , Driver's Way, Vulcan statue
View of Birmingham, AL from the top of Vulcan. Photo via Vulcan Park and Museum

Before the state of Alabama can produce the specialty tag, 1,000 people must commit to purchase the tag by May 31, 2022. 

Want to help Vulcan Park and Museum meet their commitment goal? It’s easy. No standing in line at the DMV is required and there is no additional charge to personalize your plate. Just follow these simple steps: 

  1. Fill out this form.
  2. Pay the $50 fee.

In March 2022, pre-commitment redemption vouchers will be emailed to applicants who have completed the form and paid the $50 fee.

For additional questions about pre-committing to the STAND WITH VULCAN specialty license plate, contact Amanda Hare at ahare@visitvulcan.com or 205.203.4824.

Learn more about Vulcan Park and Museum—visit their website and follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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