U.S. Steel considers $3B mini mill expansion in Fairfield

U.S. Steel Fairfield Works
U.S. Steel’s Fairfield Works is a top choice for the company’s upcoming expansion. Photo via U.S. Steel on Facebook

Pittsburgh-based United States Steel Corporation (U.S. Steel) is planning to build a new mini mill in the United States, and Fairfield is at the top of their list. Check out what this $3 billion investment means for Alabama and why Fairfield is a great choice.

Fairfield Works is a prime option

U.S. Steel Fairfield
The Electric Arc furnace at Fairfield Works makes it a great option for U.S. Steel’s mini mill. Photo via U.S. Steel on Facebook

U.S. Steel is considering different sites to build their new mini mill and the two locations at the top of the list are Fairfield Works in Alabama and the Big River Steel mini mill in Arkansas. The Fairfield Works site uses an advanced Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) that allows U.S. Steel to make new steel from 100% scrap metal. Not only do EAFs allow Fairfield Works to create their product more quickly and safely, but also in a more sustainable manner. Environmental win!

The mini mill site selection process is a major part of U.S. Steel’s Best for All Strategy, with the goal of reducing its global greenhouse gas emissions and meeting its target of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. In the new mini mill, U.S. Steel will combine two EAFs with differentiated steelmaking and finishing technology. The mini mill is U.S. Steel’s next step in producing profitable sustainable steel solutions.

What’s next for U.S. Steel?

According to U.S. Steel, they’re finalizing their site selection depending on state support and approval from their board of directors. Construction for the site is planned to begin in the first half of 2022. The project’s estimated investment is approximately $3 billion—a great investment for Fairfield.

Want to know more about U.S. Steel’s selection process? Check out what they have to say.

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