Highway 280 is getting a new bridge—details here

highway 280
Teamwork makes the dream work! Left to Right—Mountain Brook Mayor Stewart Welch, Birmingham City Councilor Darrell O’Quinn, former President of Homewood City Council Peter Wright, Homewood City Councilor Jennifer Andress and Jefferson County Commissioner Steve Ammons. Photo via Jennifer Andress

Highway 280 is getting a new bridge, and if this sounds familiar, it’s because the project has been in talks since 2018. We’ve got the scoop on the cooperative, multi-neighborhood effort that is bringing this project to life, with a few new additions. Read on for details on the plans + a newly released rendering.

Highway 280 bridge

highway 280 bridge
A rendering of what we can expect from the project. Photo via Jennifer Andress

At long last, a pedestrian bridge is officially headed to the Mountain Brook/Homewood area. After nearly three years of planning (plus a few curve balls from COVID) a new rendering of what we can expect has been released.

Located off 280 by Hollywood Blvd, those that have been following this project for a while will notice a few crucial modifications. The safer, widened bridge features an extra lane, which allows for better traffic flow and protected pedestrian access.

But wait, there’s more

If you’ve ever driven in this area, you’ll be glad to hear that the advancement is more than the pedestrian bridge alone. In addition, the project will feature, “a left-turn lane for cars boarding the on-ramp for Highway 280 eastbound. There will also be a traffic signal for those cars exiting Highway 280 West at Hollywood Boulevard.”

“Although it has taken longer than expected, the solution Jefferson County Roads & Transportation has come up with ALDOT support is a better, safer bridge servicing this vital area of Jefferson County. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with all the leaders involved, from the JeffCo Commission, all 3 cities and our state representation.”

—Jennifer Andress, City Councilor, Homewood

A community effort

highway 280 Hollywood sign
Jennifer Andress standing at the site of the new bridge back in 2018. Photo via Pat Byington for Bham Now

As this project stretches multiple neighborhoods, it was paramount to have the appropriate representatives.

The Highway 280 Neighborhood Improvement District Co-operative consists of:

  • Jefferson County Commissioner Steve Ammons (President)
  • Homewood City Councilor Jennifer Andress (Vice-President)
  • Mountain Brook City Councilor Alice Womack (Treasurer)
  • Birmingham City Councilors Darrell O-Quinn and Valerie Abbott
  • Mountain Brook City Council President Virginia Smith
  • Former Homewood City Council President Peter Wright

The project has also been supported by a wide array of local groups, including funding from private entities such as Raymond James, Birmingham Track Club, Truitt Insurance, Hollywood Garden Club and Welch Management Group.

“This is a great example of how communities in the county have come together to cooperate. With the help of ALDOT and our Jefferson County Roads & Transportation Department, we’re finding solutions to a traffic issue and a pedestrian safety issue going across 280 and by Hollywood. I’m very happy with where we are, and looking forward to not only the innovative design for the bridge, but also continuing the conversation, because this is really about asking how we can all cooperate to benefit our citizens.”

—Steve Ammons, Commissioner, Jefferson County

When can we expect the highway 280 bridge?

The Co-operative recently approved the hiring of AECOM to develop construction documents for the project. Expected bid-letting is August 2022.

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