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C&D Home Solutions
Masters of the *power point*. Photo via Matthew Niblett for Bham Now

Think door and window installations are anything but interesting? You’ll change your mind when we introduce you to C&D Home Solutions—the fun and modern Birmingham home improvement company in Hoover. Read on for five reasons why they’ve caught our attention.

1. They’re masters of communication

While Meghan Trainor is all about that bass, C&D is all about that communication. As someone who likes to plan ahead, I was thrilled to learn that this is one area where C&D shines.

“We built C&D on the idea that we live in a time when customer service is dead, and we want to bring it back to life and into the 21st century. We want you to be able to reach out to us in any way possible.”

Billy Dennis, Owner + CEO, C&D Home Solutions
C&D Home Solutions
C&D Solution listens to all your wants to provide excellent service. Photo via Matthew Niblett for Bham Now

And he’s not kidding.

Sure, you can call them. But if the mere thought of having to make an actual phone call in 2021 has you saying ugh, why?!, this is the company for you, my friend. Why call if you can text, email or DM, am I right?

There’s no need to get the phone call sweats, because C&D communicates however you prefer.

2. They’re socially responsible

C&D Home Solutions - Birmingham home improvement
For home installations in Birmingham, contact C&D Home Solutions. Photo via Matthew Niblett for Bham Now

Another cool thing to note about C&D is that they are a socially responsible company. One example is that they work with manufacturing companies who build windows and doors that are energy efficient. 

Not only does this cut down the cost of your electric bill, but it also helps the environment.

C&D also has a diverse staff from all sorts of backgrounds and cultures. They even have service providers who can speak English as well as Spanish, so language barriers are never an issue. ¡Qué bueno!

3. Their installers are top-notch

C&D Home Solutions - Birmingham home improvement company
Are you in need of home improvements? Photo via Matthew Niblett for Bham Now

Have you ever hired someone to do a specific job only to find out they lacked the professionalism and skill set to actually do the job well?

This is one area you won’t have to worry about with this Birmingham home improvement company. In fact, it’s one area in which they pride themselves.

“We have great installers who have gone through tons of training. They take the utmost care, go through a thorough process and make sure everything is buttoned up tight and turn-key from start to finish.”

Billy Dennis, Owner + CEO, C&D Home Solutions

4. They get. 👏🏻 it. 👏🏻 done. 👏🏻

C&D Home Solutions
C&D Home Solutions can help you with all your window and door installations. Photo via Matthew Niblett for Bham Now

Tired of whining to your better half that your home needs new windows or doors? *Sheepishly raises hand* 

Let’s be honest. Not everyone has the time or knowledge to perform something as major as home installations. So, instead of hopping aboard the complaint train, might I suggest calling the professionals instead? 

C&D Home Solutions not only makes the installation process easy and hassle-free, but they also get. it. done. As someone who has more than one home project left unfinished, this is a huge win.

Here’s a look at the start-to-finish installation process:

  1. Schedule an at-home assessment and consultation. 
  2. Receive a free quote on your project.
  3. Set up a time and date for your installation.

Easy, right? 

5. They’re more than windows + doors

C&D Home Solutions - Birmingham home improvement company
Owners Billy Dennis and Ociel Campos of C&D Home Solutions. Photo via Matthew Niblett for Bham Now

Window and door installations may be C&D’s specialty, but it’s not all they offer. Here’s a peek at their full list of services:

  • Exterior Door Replacement
  • Gutters
  • Garage Door Replacement
  • Home Siding
  • Window Replacement

Well, I’m sold. Are you? Request a free quote now.

For more info on C&D Home Solutions, visit their website and follow them on Facebook and Instagram. And don’t forget, you can call/text or DM them on social, too.

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