NOW OPEN: the Alabama Aerospace and Aviation charter school

low-angle photography of airliner during flight/Alabama public charter school
Ready for launch? Photo via The Southern Flight Aviation Museum

Get ready to fly, Bham. The Alabama Public Charter School Commission has approved the opening of Alabama Aerospace and Aviation High School (AAAHS). Read more to find out what this charter school has to offer.

What’s a charter school?

plane/Alabama public charter school
Wanna learn to fly at AAAHS? Photo by Jordan Sanchez via Unsplash

A charter school is a public school that parents and students choose to attend. These schools have a specific mission or program that draws students in.

So, what does AAAHS offer?

Alabama Aerospace and Aviation High School
Ruben Morris, founder of AAAHS. Photo via Alabama Aerospace and Aviation High School’s website

This school focuses on aviation with a college-focused education. Basically, AAAHS’s goal is to make future aviators and aerospace scientists.

Students earn college credits and those who are interested can dual enroll at Tuskegee.

Also, AAAHS students can earn their private pilot or drone license before graduating!

We’re soarin’, flyin’

So where is this school landing? AAAHS will temporarily be located at the Foundation of Life Church in Bessemer. The permanent location will open in Fall 2022 at the Bessemer Municipal Airport.

This Alabama public charter school is aiming for 130 students in the first year, but their ultimate goal is to reach 500 students.

Partners of AAAHS

Thanks, Delta for providing future Bham pilots. Photo via Birmingham Airport Authority

AAAHS wants the students to thrive, so they’ve partnered with these organizations:

  • Delta Tech Ops
  • Auburn School of Aviation
  • Tuskegee University
  • Alabama State University

As a result, these partners will help AAAHS provide top-quality aerospace learning.

Who can attend?

This Alabama public charter school starts at ninth grade and ends with twelfth.

Interested in enrolling? Students in seventh grade and up can enroll today.

For more info, visit their website.

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