Bham Now + The Bama Buzz are growing: meet 6 of our newest people + promotions

new Bham Now people
Tira Davis, Cecilia Wood, Madison Croxson, Gabi Hembree, Olivia Moses. Photo via Bham Now

Bham Now and The Bama Buzz are growing, and we’ve got the people and promotions to prove it. We thought y’all might like to meet some of the newest members of our team and hear about some of our newest roles. Keep reading for all the deets.

The first five join our team in our new office on Morris Avenue, while the sixth is our first team member in Huntsville.

1. Gabi Hembree: Sales Success Manager—Birmingham

Gabi Hembree, new promotion Bham Now
Sales Success Manager Gabi Hembree. Photo via Bham Now

Gabi’s been part of the team for almost three years—since 2018—and has recently been promoted to Sales Success Manager. When I asked her what she’s most excited about with regard to her new position, here’s what she said:

“I’m lucky enough to continue supporting local organizations and my clients as I have been. In addition, I get the opportunity to encourage our biz dev team to reach short term and long term goals and identify areas for growth in the client management/service arena. Aka—helping us serve our clients even better!”

Gabi Hembree

Gabi’s Birmingham favorites

2. Cecilia Wood: Social Media Manager—Birmingham

Cecilia Wood, Bham Now people
You’ll find Cecilia Wood doing all the things, from social media to content production. Photo via Bham Now

Cecilia Wood joined us as a freelance content producer in the summer of 2019 and came onboard full-time in March 2021. She was recently promoted to Social Media Manager, and we couldn’t be more excited.

Before starting full-time at Bham Now, Cecilia worked in social media at a local PR firm. When asked about her new role, she said:

“I’m excited to begin working as Social Media Manager for Bham Now and The Bama Buzz to dream up fun, new ways to connect with our audience on our favorite social channels—from Instagram to TikTok. Plus, I’ll get to keep exploring my creativity + writing fun pieces for our site.”

Cecilia Wood

Cecilia’s Birmingham favorites

3. Olivia Moses: Instagram Manager—one of the new Bham Now people in Birmingham

Olivia Moses, one of the Bham Now people in Birmingham
Olivia Moses is our new Instagram Manager. Photo via Matthew Niblett for Bham Now

Olivia Moses has been at Bham Now for a total of 2.5 months. She’s a recent Samford University grad, with a Bachelors in Journalism and Mass Communications.

Here’s what she’s excited about in her new role:

“I oversee and create content for our earned and sponsored @bhamnow Instagram, consult on strategy and best practices as well as managing most of our clients’ sponsored Instagram campaigns. I am so excited to build relationships with clients and strategize to deliver great campaigns. “

Olivia Moses

Olivia’s Birmingham favorites

4. Tira Davis: TikTok Manager—Birmingham

Tira Davis, Bham Now
Tira Davis when she’s not on Now the News, Now the Weekend or TikTok. Photo via Bham Now

Tira Davis started at Bham Now three months ago as an intern, producing content. A natural in front of the camera, she quickly became a regular on Now the News and Now the Weekend. Now, she’s our TikTok Manager.

When I asked her what she’s most excited about, here’s what she said:

“I will be covering different businesses, events, landmarks, etc. on Bham Now’s TikTok page—I’m most excited about seeing all these cool things around Bham first-hand.”

Tra Davis

Tira’s Birmingham Favorites

5. Madison Croxson: Content Producer—one of the new Bham Now people in Birmingham

Madison Croxson
Madison Croxson is one of our newest producers here at Bham Now + Bama Buzz. Photo via Nathan Watson for Bham Now

Less than one month ago, Madison Croxson joined us as a full-time content producer. She started her career at a strategic communications agency, before moving into high-touch client service and project management for a luxury travel agency. Along the way, she kept her creative juices flowing with various freelance writing projects.

Madison’s Birmingham favorites

  1. Kombucha slushies from Harvest Roots
  2. Sol y Luna’s Chilaquiles
  3. Anything from Hero Donuts

6. Emily Kent: Content Producer—Huntsville

Emily Kent in Huntsville, The Bama Buzz
Emily Kent in Huntsville. Photo via Emily Kent

Emily Kent just joined us two weeks ago as our first full-time producer with The Bama Buzz in Huntsville. Before that, she was a student at the University of Alabama, living in Tuscaloosa. She finished her BA in Public Relations in May 2020 and her MA in Communication Studies in July 2021.

Because she’s new to Huntsville, she’s excited to get to know the area.

Emily’s Huntsville favorites

  1. Agave and Rye—”delicious”
  2. Madison Monogram, LLC—”love working with them to personalize everything”
  3. Stella’s Elixir Lounge—”cool vibes, love the furniture in there”

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