Jim Brown helped jumpstart the US operations of international companies—he could be your prof


Jim Brown
When your professor’s given a TED Talk, you know they’re good. Photo via Jim Brown

Looking for the best way to level up your professional skills without pausing your busy life or career? You don’t want to miss the Executive MBA program at The University of Alabama. Thanks to professors like Jim Brown, you’ll gain an education like no other.

What makes the UA EMBA program unique?

University of Alabama EMBA students
Busy professionals advance their careers with an EMBA. Photo via UA EMBA on Facebook

Not sure what an Executive MBA is? The University of Alabama Executive MBA (UA EMBA) program gives busy working professionals the chance to juggle their home lives and work schedules with their education.

An MBA sets you apart for amazing career moves, whether you want a promotion at your current job or you want to change fields. The UA EMBA program lets you get the amazing education of an MBA on your own schedule.

Plus, because the EMBA program is geared towards professionals, you’ll be able to get insights from your classmates as well as your professors. There’s nothing quite like real-world experience to supercharge your classroom discussions.

“I jumped at the opportunity to teach in the EMBA program when offered. The discussions are always rich and insightful; I learn as much from the students in this program as they learn from me.”

Jim Brown, Professor, UA EMBA

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Meet Jim Brown, a UA EMBA project management professor

Jim Brown, UA EMBA professor
Meet Jim Brown, a UA EMBA professor. Photo via Jim Brown

Each professor in the UA EMBA program has experience in a variety of industries. Jim Brown, a project management professor, has worked in aerospace, transit, automotive and industrial design. His background speaks for itself: he even helped jumpstart the North American operations of two German manufacturing companies.

As the General Manager of Frog Design (an international design firm), Brown oversaw concept development, design and engineering of client products while making sure the user experience was front of mind.

Pretty impressive resume, right?

“On some level, all of us manage projects all the time, but most of us—with a few added skills—could do a much better job. I place the students immediately into a position as a project member and they plan and execute multiple projects in my class as part of a project team.”

Jim Brown, Professor, UA EMBA

Because UA EMBA professors have tons of background experience, they’re great resources for students who are already hard at work in their careers.

Ready to level up your career?

UA EMBA class
Working professionals learning together. Photo via UA EMBA on Facebook

If you’ve been looking for the next big step in your career, this is it. Plus, you don’t have to wait for the perfect time—UA EMBA’s blended-instruction model means you can learn on your own time.

“Ultimately that’s the goal: to provide students with skills and confidence that carry into their careers.”

Jim Brown, Professor, UA EMBA

Important deadlines + information sessions:

  • Alumni Chat: Tuesday, September 14, 1PM | Register
  • Tuscaloosa EMBA application deadline: October 19, 2021 | Apply
  • Tuscaloosa EMBA orientation: November/December 2021

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