United Ability is honoring Brasfield & Gorrie at its annual Journey HOPE fundraiser on Aug. 28. Here’s why.


Brasfield & Gorrie
Brasfield & Gorrie’s Neil Caudle. Photo via Brasfield & Gorrie for Bham Now

On August 28th, 6:00pm, United Ability will hold its annual Journey of HOPE fundraiser presented by Medical Properties Trust and honoring the decades of support from their building and volunteer partner, Brasfield & Gorrie, live from the new Red Mountain Theatre Arts campus.

An event like no other in the Magic City, for one evening, our community comes together to celebrate the thousands of journeys taken by loved ones with disabilities and their families who benefit from United Ability. This year’s event is virtual and features entertainers with disabilities who have performed on Broadway, top-rated networks shows, and concert halls throughout the nation. Want to join United Ability? Click HERE for all the details.

In preparation for this special evening, we wanted to spotlight this year’s honoree, one of Birmingham’s most beloved companies— Brasfield & Gorrie.

Building Strong Communities

Brasfield & Gorrie
Brasfield & Gorrie headquarters located in the Lakeview District of Birmingham. Photo by Pat Byington for Bham Now

When former Auburn quarterback Neil Caudle began working at Brasfield & Gorrie right out of college, he immediately learned that giving back and building strong communities is part of the company’s core values. 

“I really wanted to get involved in some sort of nonprofit and give back,” he said. “At Brasfield & Gorrie there were plenty of opportunities for me to do just that. So I joined United Ability’s Junior Board. It was the first time I had been exposed to what United Ability did. Once you get on campus and you see all the different things that United Ability offers and does for folks—it’s amazing, it’s easy to get hooked on what they’re doing. You want to support them because they offer such a wide array of services and they’re such good people.”

Caudle’s journey with United Ability started nine years ago as a Junior Board member. He immersed himself in that role eventually becoming President of the Junior Board.  

After his service on that board, it didn’t take long for him to be invited onto the United Ability Board of Directors.

A Legacy of HOPE

Dr. Gary Edwards celebrating the 70th anniversary of United Ability with the adults at our LINCPoint Adult Day Program. Photo courtesy of United Ability

To the folks at United Ability, Brasfield & Gorrie is not just the general contractor for the Hand In Hand, Ability Clinic, LINCPoint building on it’s 22 acre campus—they are family. That’s what makes the upcoming Journey of HOPE all the more special.

“Their first gift to us was over three decades ago,” said Alison Berman, United Ability’s Chief Development Officer. “They have built the buildings on our campus. They have helped with renovations. Dr. E (Dr. Gary Edwards UA’s longtime CEO who passed away in 2020) used to say that he had Brasfield & Gorrie’s Trey Clegg on speed dial.”

Of course, Clegg has also chaired United Ability’s board. 

Presently, Brasfield & Gorrie has employees on all three United Ability boards: the Foundation Board, the main board and the junior board. Each associate gives resources and time.

“It starts with Jim Gorrie and our leadership,” described Caudle. “They’re such giving and  philanthropic people. That spirit permeates the company.”


Hand in Hand
Hand in Hand playground. Photo via United Ability

As one those associates on a governing board, Caudle sees the positive impact Brasfield & Gorrie has had on United Ability every time he sets foot on the campus.

“When you look past the brick-and-mortar building and really see what the buildings are able to facilitate, I’m so proud to be a part of that,” he added.

In fact, Caudle worked on the state-of-the-art  Hand in Hand playground that was installed a few years ago.

“To see those kids get a brand new playground and watch them play, it’s very gratifying. I am proud to walk that campus and know that I got to be a part of it.”

Honoring Brasfield & Gorrie 

Be a part of honoring Brasfield & Gorrie at United Ability’s annual Journey of HOPE fundraiser presented by Medical Properties Trust.  

Mark the date: August 28, 6:00pm. 

Planning to come to the annual Journey of HOPE Fundraiser? Tag @unitedability to let them know!

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