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Vulcan Park & Museum, Birmingham Walking Tours
Birmingham Walking Tours. Photo via Vulcan Park & Museum

Shoes on? Let’s stroll. Vulcan Park & Museum’s Birmingham Walking Tours are back this fall and we can’t wait. Read on to find out which spots around The Magic City you’ll discover and why you’ll want to sign up. Know you want to join a tour? Register now.

Why should you go on a Birmingham Walking Tour? 

I’ve lived in the Greater Birmingham Area for years, and every day I’m amazed to discover something new about it. And I have to say, the more I learn about it, the more I appreciate and love it. 

I’m not alone, either. Vulcan Park & Museum’s Birmingham Walking Tours have been making locals and visitors more knowledgeable for over a decade, and they continue to grow in popularity each and every year. 

If you love the City of Birmingham and are interested in learning more about it, register for an upcoming tour. I promise it will be an afternoon well spent. 

Now on to the places you’ll discover

From Civil Rights history to areas that are currently thriving, Birmingham Walking Tours offers many interesting touring spots. Check out the tours coming up September through November:

Center Street – Dynamite Hill

5-Monk residence bombing, 1950, Vulcan Park & Museum, Dynamite Hill, Center Street
Dynamite Hill bombing, 1950. Photo via Vulcan Park & Museum

As you probably know, Birmingham was at the heart of the Civil Rights Movement, and this tour leads you to an important spot—Center Street. 

During the Civil Rights Movement, the area became known as “Dynamite Hill” because of the many bombs that were placed here to try and deter Civil Rights leaders. 

During this tour, you’ll discover the important work of those in the neighborhood, the effects of red lining and the conditions that changed not only the neighborhood, but the future of Birmingham.

Tour Dates: Sunday, September 26 and Sunday, October 24 | 2PM
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Downtown Birmingham Churches

Did you know many of Downtown Birmingham’s Churches reach back to the city’s founding? And wow, are they gorgeous!

During this tour, you’ll learn about the architecture, find out the range of resources they offer and more. 

Churches on the tour: Cathedral of St. Paul, First Presbyterian Church, Cathedral Church of the Advent, First United Methodist Church and 16th Street Baptist Church. 

Tour Dates: Sunday, September 12 and Sunday, October 10 | 2PM
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Kiwanis Vulcan Trail

Do you know the history of the Kiwanis Vulcan Trail in Birmingham? Photo via Freshwater Land Trust

You may have heard of the Kiwanis Vulcan Trail, but how much do you really know about it? One thing I can tell you is that it was once the bed of Birmingham’s Mineral Railroad. 

Find out more during this unique tour that reveals the history of local mining and iron-making companies in the city. 

Tour Dates: Sunday, September 19 and Sunday, October 17 | 2PM
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Woodlawn mural
This mural was designed with and painted by the community in Woodlawn. Photo via Jacob Blankenship for Bham Now

From the days when it needed love to one of Birmingham’s fastest-growing neighborhoods, this tour highlights the many things that make Woodlawn so incredible. 

Tour Dates: Sunday, October 3 and Sunday, November 7 | 2PM
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Leading your tour

Wondering who leads the Birmingham Walking Tours? Meet the guides who offer an inspiring glimpse into the architectural beauty and historical of the city:

Gary Bostany

Gary Bostany, Vulcan Park & Museum, Birmingham Walking Tours
Gary Bostany, tour guide for Birmingham Walking Tours. Photo via Vulcan Park & Museum

Lifelong resident of Five Points South, Bostany is focused on giving back to the community. 

For more than 20 years, he’s volunteered with Vulcan Park Foundation, helped plan for the building of Railroad Park and purchased/restored the historic Warwick Manor Apartments in Five Points South. 

Brian “Voice” Porter Hawkins

Brian Voice Porter Hawkins, Vulcan Park & Museum, Birmingham Walking Tours, tour guide
Brian “Voice” Porter Hawkins, tour guide for Birmingham Walking Tours. Photo via Vulcan Park & Museum

Writer, poet, orator and consultant, Hawkins is a leader in Birmingham’s creative scene. 

Currently, he serves as vice president of We Are Rtists (WAR), an organization that facilitates collaboration between artists and seeks to educate them in the business of art. 

He’s also director of The Color Project Ensley, which is dedicated to improving the health of the Ensley community. 

Want more deets on Brian Hawkins? We know five reasons why you should know his name. You can also learn more about the Ensley community here.

Janine Mwenja

Janine Mwenja, Vulcan Park & Museum, Birmingham Walking Tours, tour guide
Janine Mwenja, tour guide for Birmingham Walking Tours. Photo via Vulcan Park & Museum

Architect at David Baker Architects, Mwenja has her hands in design skills in projects across the Southeast. 

As an active member of the American Institute for Architects, she serves locally as the Birmingham Emerging Professionals Director and nationally as the Equity and Future of Architecture Committee Representative on the AIA Practice Advisory Board. 

Mwenja also serves on the Alabama Waldorf School Board. 

Allison Vosicky

Vulcan Park & Museum
Allison Vosicky, tour guide for Birmingham Walking Tours. Photo via Vulcan Park & Museum

Registered architect and current associate at Birchfield Penuel & Associates, Vosicky has called Birmingham home since 2015. With a passion for the legacy of architecture, history and stories, she offers expertise and excitement as a Birmingham Walking Tours guide. 

Event Details

Vulcan Park & Museum, Birmingham Walking Tours
Don’t miss your chance to learn about The Magic City by going on a Birmingham Walking Tour. Photo via Vulcan Park & Museum

Length of Walking Tour: 2-2.5 hours
Distance Walked: About 1.5-2.5 miles
Ticket Price: Vulcan Park & Museum Members – $25 | General Admission – $40

To keep all walking tour participants safe, the following guidelines are in place until further notice:

  • All routes are checked for hazards and carefully planned to avoid safety issues
  • Social distancing is enforced
  • Masks are required by all participants
  • Max of 20 participants per tour

Birmingham Walking Tours rev up this September. Check out the full list of tours and register.

Things are always happening at Vulcan Park & Museum. Stay on top of what’s ahead—visit their website and follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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