Celebrate 120 amazing years of Boys & Girls Club of Central Alabama, Aug 12

boys & girls club of central alabama
It’s a celebration! Photo via Boys & Girls Club of Central Alabama’s Facebook

On Thursday, August 12th, Boys & Girls Club of Central Alabama (BGCCA) will be hosting a pre-show and virtual event to celebrate their 120th anniversary. Here’s how you can join the celebration.

A dozen decades of service

boys and girls club- central alabama
Great futures start here. Photo via Boys & Girls Club of Central Alabama’s Facebook

BGCCA is an organization that motivates youth to reach their full potential to become productive and caring citizens. It first opened as the Birmingham Boys Club in 1901, then integrated girls in 1988.

They have welcomed more than 700 individuals, ages six to 18, during the school year and more than 1,000 a day in the summer. BGCCA has over 10 clubs— eight traditional sites and three partnered, 21st century sites(clubs that receive grants from the Board of Education).

BGCCA has been a force for good in the lives of youth for 12 decades and has planned a big celebration to honor their service.

About the celebration

boys & girls club- central alabama
120 years in the making. Photo via Boys & Girls Club of Central Alabama’s Facebook

For safety concerns, the event will now be virtual,—don’t worry it will still be just as fun.

Tickets are free and the celebration will kick off with the pre-show at 5:30PM with a performance from award-winning recording artist and former Boys & Girls club member, Damien Horne. The main event will start at 6:30PM.

You can register here to be a part of the fun.

Join the clubhouse

boys and girls club of central alabama
Stand with the kids in your community. Photo via Boys & Girls Club of Central Alabama’s Facebook

This year’s celebration is about honoring all the great things that have come from this organization. It is also a way to raise money to continue programs for the youth in central Alabama communities.

Members of the community can give donations or become a club sponsors and create their own fundraisers for the young people in their neighborhoods.

Here’s how you can become a sponsor.

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