Introducing the new Dr. Carson Pruitt at Vestavia Family Dentistry & Facial Aesthetics


Vestavia Family Dentistry
Dr. Carson Pruitt alongside his dad, Dr. Robin Pruitt. Photo via Nathan Watson for Bham Now

There’s a new dentist in town! After graduating from dental school on June 5th, Dr. Carson Pruitt has officially joined his father’s practice, Vestavia Family Dentistry & Facial Aesthetics. We spoke with the father/son team to learn more!

Clarification: Throughout the article, we will refer to Dr. Robin Pruitt as “Dr. Pruitt”, while Dr. Carson Pruitt will be referred to as “Dr. Carson”.

A Partnership 20 Years in the Making

Vestavia Family Dentistry
The C.A.P. Stone Building, home of Vestavia Family Dentistry. Photo via Nathan Watson for Bham Now

20 years ago, Dr. Pruitt dedicated his new dental office building—the C.A.P. Stone Building—to his three young sons, who all share the same three initials. Now, the eldest of Dr. Pruitt’s sons has officially joined the team at Vestavia Family Dentistry & Facial Aesthetics!

Dr. Pruitt has been crafting beautiful smiles since 1994 and currently owns two practices in the Birmingham area:

To learn more about the latest addition to the team, we sat down with the new Dr. Carson at Vestavia Family Dentistry & Facial Aesthetics.

Dr. Carson Joins the Team

Vestavia Family Dentistry
Dr. Carson Pruitt outside the C.A.P. Stone Building in Vestavia. Photo via Nathan Watson for Bham Now

Dr. Carson is a Birmingham native through and through. Dr. Carson, along with his younger brothers Chance and Cam, grew up in Hoover and attended Hoover High School. Carson attended Auburn University for undergrad and officially graduated from dental school at UAB on June 5th. Now, he’s excited to bring his unique flair to the family business.

How did you become interested in dentistry?

Dr. Carson: “As a kid, I actually wanted to be a veterinarian because Steve Irwin was my idol. But I didn’t know if I could stomach seeing animals in pain, so I shifted gears. It definitely helped to have my dad as a mentor. I would go with him on dental mission trips to Guatemala, where I’d see him treat underserved people. Even though there was a language barrier, it was so cool to see their appreciation for my dad’s work. Right then, I decided to hit the books hard so that I could do that work too.”

How long have you been working at your dad’s dentistry?

Dr. Carson: “The first time I worked here was in middle school, when I was wanting to work to save up for the first iPhone. While I was mainly up here doing clerical work, like filing charts and all that, my dad would tell me to come watch him work on a patient. I was actually getting to see him interact with patients, drill into teeth and all that fun stuff. Now, I’m getting to do that too!”

Vestavia Family Dentistry
Dr. Carson Pruitt working with a patient at Vestavia Family Dentistry & Facial Aesthetics. Photo via Nathan Watson for Bham Now

Clearly, Vestavia Family Dentistry & Facial Aesthetics isn’t your typical dentist’s office. What are some ways you and your dad keep things light around the office?

Dr. Carson: “We post a lot of behind-the-scenes clips on our social media, which shows people that dentistry isn’t this scary profession with loud noises and the yanking of teeth. And Dr. Pruitt always brightens up the room with jokes, which helps to put patients at ease. I’ve shadowed other dentists that get right down to business without getting to know their patients, and I much prefer the way that we do things.”

Will the Real Slim Shady Dr. Pruitt Please Stand Up?

Vestavia Family Dentistry
Dr. Carson Pruitt in his new office. Photo via Nathan Watson for Bham Now

Okay, let’s address the elephant in the room. Is it confusing to have TWO Dr. Pruitt’s at the office?

Dr. Carson: “Hah! One day when I came into the office, all the other employees cornered me and said, ‘Okay, we need to talk. What do you want to be called?’ I told them I’m fine with Dr. Carson. Even still, there are times when my dad and I are in the same room when someone calls out for Dr. Pruitt—we both turn our heads!”

Dr. Pruitt: “We call him Dr. Carson, and I’m still Dr. Pruitt. But, there are still times when I’ll call out for Dr. Pruitt, and my nurses will look up and tell me ‘You’re right here,’ like I’ve lost my mind!”

What’s Next for the Pruitt Family?

Dr. Carson holding Presley, Vestavia Family Dentistry’s favorite four-legged employee. Photo via Vestavia Family Dentistry & Facial Aesthetics

Wondering what’s next for Vestavia Family Dentistry & Facial Aesthetics? So were we! Here’s what Dr. Pruitt has planned.

Are any other Pruitts pursuing dentistry?

Dr. Pruitt: “My middle son, Chance, is starting his third year in dental school. My youngest son, Cam, is actually applying for law school right now, so he’s the only one NOT going into dentistry. But there’s always time! Who knows, he might change his mind.”

Dr. Pruitt, what’s it like to have your son follow in your footsteps?

Dr. Pruitt: “I think it’s really special that Dr. Carson, on his own, chose this profession. I think a big reason he chose dentistry is that he knows I love what I do every day, and it’s not a profession that I ever dread going into work for. I really love helping people, and it’s so special to me that he feels the same way.”

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