16-year-old Jackson-Olin High School student opens his own photography studio

16-year-old Birmingham Photographer Opens Very Own Photography Studio
The creative mind behind the camera. Photo via Kulture Kreations Atelier’s Instagram

16-year-old student, Samuel Bowie, is turning an old family home into a business where memories are made. Here are the details on his self-made studio and future business plans.

The eye behind the camera

kulture kreations
CEO Samuel “Spike” Bowie. Photo via Kulture Kreations Atelier’s Instagram

Samuel Bowie is a 16-year-old student at Jackson-Olin High School. In addition, he is the CEO of Kulture Kreations Atelier photography.

His interest in photography started from his brothers and other photographers. He bought his first camera at a pawn shop for $40. Later, he got started on his studio in Birmingham’s west side late 2019.

Bowie is a full time photographer and a dual enrollment student at Lawson State Community College. He told WVTM13 that he will have enough credits to graduate high school this December.

Where the magic happens

kulture kreations
Take a look at the studio. Photo via Kulture Kreations Atelier’s Instagram

Samuel Bowie is an up-and-coming photographer who now runs his own studio. He renovated a family-owned property to fit all of his business needs and purposes.

Bowie told WVTM13 that his goal for his studio is to teach others photography. He wants it to be a learning and teaching space as well as a spot for photo shoots.

Bowie made this possible by saving his money from photo shoots and investing in new equipment. Take a look inside the studio.

Building an empire

kulture kreations
Here’s some of Bowie’s work. Photo via Kulture Kreations Atelier’s Instagram

The Birmingham photographer has catered to his community with his services but has plans to become a traveling photographer.

Bowie told WVTM13 that he would like to have other photographers work under him one day. He plans for Kulture Kreations Atelier to not only be a business but to become a brand and create generational wealth.

His vision for his business was to be a positive asset to his generation to show that you can become a young successful, African-American entrepreneur at a young age.

This is only the beginning

Samuel “Spike” Bowie recently won photographer of the year.

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