Night Blooms at the Huntsville Botanical Garden light the way


flower lanterns
Follow the yellow poppy road at Night Blooms. Photo via the Huntsville Botanical Garden

If you could safely downsize for an hour or two—think Honey, I Shrunk the Kids—I bet it would be a lot like an evening stroll through the Night Blooms experience at the Huntsville Botanical Garden. Gather your squad, your swarm, or your sweetie to learn how you can tiptoe through the tulips and more Wednesday, July 21 through Sunday, September 26. Buy your tickets now!

Tell me more, tell me more

morning glory lanterns
Morning glories in all their glory at Night Blooms. Photo via Huntsville Botanical Garden

Summer days, drifting away but oh, those summer nights. When the sun goes down at the Huntsville Botanical Garden, Night Blooms presented by PNC Bank becomes a wonderland filled with the glow of artisan-made botanical lanterns.

During this one-mile journey, you’ll wind through larger-than-life blooms of orchids and poppies mingled with turtles and spiders–all lit from within. With full Technicolor details like these, I imagine it’s what wandering into a high-wattage Georgia O’Keefe painting would be like.

Get your tickets for Wednesday-Sunday evenings at Night Blooms now.

A Change of Pace

maple tree lanterns
Maple tree lanterns along the path at Night Blooms. Photo via Huntsville Botanical Garden

Night Blooms is a fresh way to get your steps in for the day—at night! This imaginative and artistic take on things you might find in the Garden by day takes on an entirely new look by the light of the moon.

For instance, in your own backyard you’re lucky to see some lightning bugs flitting about. But what if everything out there was lit like a lightning bug? Everything is when you step into the illuminated world of Night Blooms.

Pre-purchase your tickets now to reserve your time in advance.

Night Moves

What colors do you dream in? All of them at Night Blooms! Video via Huntsville Botanical Garden.

It’s best to plan ahead if you’re dreaming of an evening of night moves among Night Blooms. The only way to guarantee your admission is to pre-purchase your ticket, so be sure to reserve your time in advance!

Even though your entry is time-stamped, you can take all the time you want exploring this walking-only experience at the Huntsville Botanical Garden.

Wheelchairs, strollers and wagons are welcome, and visitors are encouraged to bring their own along the compacted gravel and paved road of the trail.

Birds, Bees, Flowers, Trees

Night Blooms orchids
Pretty orchids populate the path at Night Blooms. Photo via Huntsville Botanical Garden
  • What: Night Blooms, presented by PNC Bank
  • Where: Huntsville Botanical Garden—4747 Bob Wallace Ave SW, Huntsville, AL 35805
  • When: Wednesday, July 21-Sunday, September 26, 2021
  • Times: Wednesday-Sunday evenings, exact times vary by date
  • Price: Members – $12-$15 | Public – $15-$30
  • Tickets

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