Working together is essential—how Children’s nursing assistants make the world a better place


Working together is essential—how Children’s nursing assistants make a difference
Every member of Children’s of Alabama supports each patient who comes in—and each other. Photo via Children’s of Alabama

Teamwork makes the dream work—just speak to anyone from Children’s of Alabama. In recognition of last week being National Nursing Assistants Week, we chatted with two Children’s team members to learn more about the job and what makes nursing assistants so important. Whether you know one or you want to be one, find out how Children’s of Alabama nursing assistants are on the frontline of making the world a better place.

“Clinical assistants are the glue that holds our team together.”

Children's of Alabama nursing assistant helping patient
Clinical assistant Nora supporting a patient. Photo via Children’s of Alabama

As a Department Director, Shannon Sharit oversees the hiring and scheduling for nurses and nursing assistants. She works closely with each employee and supports them in providing what’s best for each patient.

“The children drew me here and the people kept me here. It’s rewarding to come to work every day, because no matter who you encounter, we all want what’s best for the kids.”

Shannon Sharit, Department Director, Children’s of Alabama

Shannon’s career path has taken different routes at Children’s, and now that she works as a Department Director, she has a hands-on approach to making sure the team is strong. She sees just how important nursing assistants are in building positive relationships with patients and their families.

“It’s incredible to watch our nursing assistants. They never slow down. Their job doesn’t get much glory, but they’re behind the scenes making sure everything is stocked and supplies are ordered. They’re the ones who are checking on these kids and their families and taking the time to talk with them.”

Shannon Sharit, Department Director, Children’s of Alabama

When there’s such a wide variety of nurses who work at Children’s, it’s great to know that extra support is never far away. From the mentor/mentee program to the passionate nursing assistants, everyone at Children’s of Alabama is working together to help patients while building amazing careers along the way.

Meet Nora Farris, a clinical assistant who’s been at Children’s for 19 years

Children's of Alabama nursing assistant Nora
Nora Farris. Photo via Children’s of Alabama

For Nora Farris, taking care of children is the joy of the job. She’s been working as a nursing assistant at Children’s of Alabama for almost 20 years.

“Everybody gets along and is willing to do what it takes to get each child well. That’s why I’ve been here so long. It’s really important that everybody can work together and work as a team.”

Nora Farris, Clinical Assistant, Children’s of Alabama

Nora chose Children’s because of how she loves working with kids. Seeing children in her unit go from feeling sick to thriving at home is a joy, and after years of working at Children’s as a nursing assistant, she’s got plenty of success stories of patients who leave Children’s and enjoy happy, healthy lives.

“These nurses do an amazing job. I’m there to help and pitch in when I need to pitch in. I jump in and do what I can to make everything go smoothly.”

Nora Farris, Nursing Assistant, Children’s of Alabama

Does Children’s sound like a place you’d thrive? Start your own journey and Apply for current nursing and nursing assistant jobs.

Change lives + make a difference with a nursing career at Children’s of Alabama

Children's of Alabama nursing assistants work
Nora and Shannon work together to positively impact each patient. Photo via Children’s of Alabama

Children’s of Alabama is one of the top 20 employers in Alabama—and the testimonies of employees like Nora and Shannon tell you why.

“I can’t imagine a better place to work. This organization cares about its people regardless of the role they’re in.”

Shannon Sharit, Department Director, Children’s of Alabama

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