PHOTOS: Bruce Willis is filming a new movie in Bessemer

bruceIMG 8040 1 PHOTOS: Bruce Willis is filming a new movie in Bessemer
Any die-hard Bruce Willis fans around? Photo via Claire Hancock for Bham Now

Historic downtown Bessemer will be featured on the silver screen as a new Bruce Willis film shoots there. Recently the A-list actor was seen filming Soul Assassin in The Marvel City. Keep reading because we’ve got the deets.

THE Bruce Willis is in town

Nope, not a typo. Bruce Willis, of Die Hard fame (and about a hundred other action movies), is filming right now in Bessemer. His new film, Soul Assassin, is shooting in the historic downtown area.

The film’s director, Jesse Atlas, called Bessemer a dream to shoot in because of its variety of historic architecture (via WBRC).

Other stars of Soul Assassin currently in Bessemer include Nomzama Mbatha, Andy Allo and Dominic Purcell. According to several Bessemer residents, Willis was spotted in The Bright Star eating dinner earlier this week.

A note: unfortunately, the men pictured above are not in fact Bruce Willis, but rather his body and stunt doubles. So, there’s a chance you could see three Bruce Willis-es walking around Bessemer this week.

The scoop on Soul Assassin

The film is shooting in front of the historic Bessemer Train Depot. Today, June 23, the movie set will move to The Back Porch and Sam Dunn Saloon, also in Bessemer.

I spoke to Judson Stewart, the project manager of the Depot, who told me that Soul Assassin will film in Bessemer until Saturday, June 26. The movie will be on a theater screen near you later this year or early 2022.

According to WBRC, the movie is a woman-led, action-packed pyscho-thriller with messages of anti-racism.

Bessemer on the silver screen

sam dunn saloon
The Sam Dunn Saloon might also make its film debut. Photo via Claire Hancock for Bham Now

This isn’t Bessemer’s first time featured on the big time. Since the 1980s, according to IMDb, The Marvel City has hosted at least 20 teams of film crews creating cinematic magic.

See the list of movies either fully or partially filmed in Bessemer:

Hollywood stars joining the likes of Willis in shooting in Bessemer include John Travolta (Trading Paint), Shania Twain (Trading Paint), Mykelti Williamson (Run the Race), and Ron Perlman (Hell on the Border).

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