Smash hit Million Dollar Quartet features music you love at the Virginia Samford Theatre, June 10-27


Jared Freiburg playing the piano.
Can you tell Jared Freiburg has been playing piano since he was five? Jam out with him and other iconic musicians as he portrays Jerry Lee Lewis. Photo via Matthew Niblett for Bham Now

What do you get when Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins walk into a recording studio? One iconic night, the ultimate jam session and music that stands the test of time. Rock out to the tune of a true story when you purchase tickets for Million Dollar Quartet at the Virginia Samford Theatre (VST) June 10-27.

An unforgettable famed recording session

Based on a true story, Million Dollar Quartet takes the audience back to December 4, 1956. On this night, four young musicians—Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins—gathered for the first and only time at Sam Phillips’ Sun Records in Memphis.

From Blue Suede Shoes to Hound Dog, hear the thrilling music from this never-to-be-repeated chance event. Listen beyond the seminal sounds to a storyline of what the impromptu jam session meant for modern-day music.

  • What: Million Dollar Quartet, a 90-minute Tony® Award-winning musical
  • Where: 1116 26th St S, Birmingham, AL 35205
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Million Dollar Quartet is more than music

What unfolds is not only the story of where these guys started as fresh 20-somethings, but who they were before becoming larger than life.

“At one point, Sam Phillips gives these guys a little piece of advice. He says, ‘Beware of the curse of the answer to prayer.’ And I think that’s probably a big clue as to what this show is about. You get to strip away and see what these guys were when they began—not what everyone knows they became.”

Kyle Holman (Sam Phillips)

It’s also a glimpse into what would be later known as the “Mount Rushmore of Rock n’ Roll.” The genre of music was changing and this event became a catalyst for 20th-century pop culture.

A unique night with an unbelievable cast

About this cast

There’s no better place to watch Million Dollar Quartet and no better cast, either. The VST chose each member with special attention paid to the actor’s physical resemblance and musical abilities.

These aren’t impersonators—through true talent, the cast completely embodies the musician they portray.

“We searched all over the country for these guys, and they’re incredibly talented musicians and actors. When we get that kind of cast together, it can be magical.”

Norton Dill, Director, Million Dollar Quartet

While the cast is more than handy on the keys, strings and everything in between, their acting is top tier as well. Most of them have a background with Million Dollar Quartet—whether at another theater or in the VST’s previous run of the show.

About the venue

Million Dollar Quartet
The Virginia Samford Theatre mainstage is over 80 years old. Photo via Matthew Niblett for Bham Now

Known as “The Birthplace of Rock’n’roll,” the VST replicates Sun Records’ intimate space on its mainstage for Million Dollar Quartet. Like the studio, the VST is a charming venue with nearly a century of history behind it.

Watching the musical from a seat at the VST perfectly melds past and present together to make the show extra special.

“Because of the magic of the show, audience members are transported somewhere else. If we can make sure that every person is taken away from the strain and stress in their daily lives for a couple of hours, that makes the whole thing.”

Norton Dill

Purchase tickets to Million Dollar Quartet through the website or by calling 205-251-1206.

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