The Summit —first to use new platform for seamless shopping

Luna at the summit
Luna at The Summit. Photo via Bham Now

The Summit marks the first to use a new technology tool in the Birmingham market, making Bayer Properties the third company to roll out this new cutting edge platform across the U.S. Here are the details.

The Summit’s Summer Shopping Plan

Dear Prudence, The Summit
Dear Prudence at The Summit. Photo via Riley Campbell for Bham Now

Bayer Properties announced a brand-new shopping platform at The Summit in Birmingham from leading technology company, Adeptmind. The platform allows customers to see available inventory before they physically go shopping.

The tool will launch this summer to create a convenient and engaging shopping experience for guests.

“As our tenants have had to continually adapt over the course of the pandemic, with some local retailers and small businesses even launching e-commerce platforms for the first time, we hope our investment in Adeptmind’s technology will serve as yet another value-add amenity for the brands that call The Summit home.”

Libby Lassiter, Bayer Co-President

Lassiter wants her tenants to have an app that will allow them to focus on effectively running their businesses. So if the Adeptmind tool is proven successful, she will likely expand the program across their portfolio.

Adeptmind’s App

Apple store at the summit
The Apple store at The Summit. Photo via Bham Now

Adeptmind is a technology company that specializes in artificial intelligence applications, so they were perfect for the job. Safety is the number one concern with society still battling COVID-19, so, this app will be convenient for the many customers that prioritize social distancing.

Customers can make purchases either in-store or online (curbside pickup) from individual retailers through the Adeptmind application. It also features personalized user search results and customized product availability.

Another bonus: customers can even order food from restaurants at The Summit for pickup or delivery.

Additional Info

Vulcan in front of REI
Vulcan in front of REI at The Summit. Photo via Bham Now

Adeptmind’s state-of-the-art technology provides an accurate telling of retailer’s inventory and retailers can use the local shopping dashboard and local tenant portal to upload products and inventory counts.

The tenant portal also allows retailers to manage descriptions, pricing and promote other local shops.

“Today’s shoppers demand the convenience of online shopping with the certainty that comes with trying something on in-store. Our solution merges the online and physical shopping experience giving customers more options, while offering retailers the opportunity to be part of a dynamic digital marketplace that engages shoppers where and when they want to shop.”

Jesse Michael, Managing Director, Adeptmind

Check out Adeptmind for more information.

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