Are dentists’ offices the new spas? Diamond Smiles says ‘yes’


Stone Creek Dental Diamond Smiles 11 Are dentists' offices the new spas? Diamond Smiles says 'yes'
Ever had Botox while getting your teeth cleaned? At Diamond Smiles, this type of multitasking is a reality. Photo via Matthew Niblett for Bham Now

It’s okay to admit that no amount of HGTV shows will make you feel comfortable when in the dentist chair. At Diamond Smiles Dentistry, they’re changing those anxious feelings by offering a luxury dentist experience. Learn how these offices have become integral parts of the communities they serve.

More than a teeth cleaning

Outstanding services…

With offices in Hoover and Homewood, the Diamond Smiles team is reaching residents across Birmingham. In addition to teeth cleanings, fillings and other general treatments, Diamond Smiles also offers specialized services such as:

  • Botox
  • Snoring/sleep apnea relief
  • Same-day crowns
  • Smiles Makeovers
  • Dentist Cancer Screenings
  • Zoom Whitening
  • Invisalign
  • Full Mouth Reconstruction
  • See a full list of services

…and beyond

Dr. Dorothy Crowley of the Homewood office isn’t from the Magic City, but after hearing about the great reputation of Diamond Smiles she knew it’s where she wanted to practice.

“I found that Diamond Smiles was well known throughout the area for providing quality care in a comfortable setting. I knew that if patients were happy and loyal to this practice then it would be a place that shared my values about how the patient should be treated and the quality of care they receive.”

Dr. Dorothy Crowley, Diamond Smiles Homewood

Patient care is so key that it inspired Dr. Courtney Ringrose of Diamond Smiles Hoover to train as a dentist after being a patient. Using mentorship from Dr. Edgar Luna of the Hoover office, she learned valuable skills, including making patients feel at ease.

“One of the things that we really focus on is trying to make people comfortable. We offer warm towels and drinks—anything we can do to make the patient feel more comfortable.”

Dr. Courtney Ringrose, Dentist, Diamond Smiles Hoover
Stone Creek Dental Diamond Smiles 23 Are dentists' offices the new spas? Diamond Smiles says 'yes'
New and existing patients can call the office to schedule a consultation for special services like Botox and Zoom Whitening. Photo via Matthew Niblett for Bham Now

From amenities like warm towels and drinks to less tangible ones like providing a listening ear, you can be sure Diamond Smiles does everything to create a relaxing atmosphere.

“Patient care is extremely important to us. The team at Diamond Smiles not only wants to provide each patient with excellent dental care, but they also want to help each patient learn what they can do to improve and maintain good oral health.

We strive to get to know each patient and not just their teeth. We address their concerns in a way that works for them while still providing outstanding treatment.”

Dr. Dorothy Crowley, Diamond Smiles Homewood

Diamond Smiles Dentistry

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“You’re not a patient, you’re family”

While all the luxury services offered by Diamond Smiles are exceptional, one of the best parts that no other office can replicate is the relationships they form with patients. It’s in their mission statement to make every patient feel like family.

Dr. Luna of the Hoover office is an award-winning and nationally recognized practitioner. What he’s most proud of, however, is the environment Diamond Smiles cultivates.

“What I want to pride myself on more than anything, isn’t the type of work I do, but what the second half of the vision statement says—’You’re not a patient, you’re a family.’ It’s all about a person coming in the door one way and leaving feeling a completely different way.

It’s not another smile makeover. It’s not doing something no other dentists could ever do. It’s somebody coming in and touching their life and making a difference. That’s why I continue doing it. That’s why I’m coming every day. Not to do dentistry, but for the hope that’s somebody’s hurting, and I can help them out.”

Dr. Edgar Luna

Hang out and stay awhile

Stone Creek Dental Diamond Smiles 3 Are dentists' offices the new spas? Diamond Smiles says 'yes'
Unlike dreading those six-month appointments, when you choose Diamond Smiles you may find yourself stopping by out of choice instead of obligation. Photo via Matthew Niblett for Bham Now

Coming to the dentist for an appointment and leaving without getting the heebie-jeebies is one thing, but stopping by to say hello to the doctors and staff speaks to the care patients experience at Diamond Smiles.

“My greatest compliment and we see it every day, is people will hang around for an hour after their appointment talking to everybody. You don’t want to leave.

I mean you couldn’t ask for a better compliment. People come by with no appointment and say ‘Hey!’ and that lets me sleep well at night.”

Dr. Edgar Luna

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