The Birmingham Zoo welcomes 2 new animals—find out who they are

The Birmingham Zoo
Howler Monkey family. Photo via The Birmingham Zoo

Prepare to say awww! The Birmingham Zoo has welcomed two new members to its Zoo family. Read on to meet Gizmo, the two-year-old male red panda and a newborn howler monkey.

Say hello to Gizmo the Red Panda

The Birmingham Zoo
Gizmo the Red Panda. Photo via The Birmingham Zoo

Back in December, The Birmingham Zoo first welcomed Gizmo, the red panda from the Sacramento Zoo in California.Before we could set eyes on this cutie, he had to complete a routine quarantine at the Zoo’s Animal Health Center so he could acclimate to his new home. 

Gizmo came to The Birmingham Zoo to help the endangered population of red pandas. Currently, the survival of red pandas is on the decline within its native range of South Asia in Nepal, China and Myanmar. Only 2500 red pandas remain in the wild. 

Happily, The Birmingham Zoo is committed to the conservation of red pandas and partner with the Red Pandas Network, which works to protect the animal in the wild. The Birmingham Zoo is also passionate about educating guests on the importance of red pandas along with other endangered species. 

Want to see Gizmo in person? Find him living his best life in his habitat in The Birmingham Zoo’s Predator Building. 

There’s more cute to be seen at The Birmingham Zoo

On May 3, the Zoo’s eight-year-old female howler monkey, Matea, gave birth. While it is too early to determine the baby’s gender, The Birmingham Zoo reported that both Matea and baby are doing well. 

Cool facts about howler monkeys:

  • They are the loudest land animal. They get their name from the distinctive howling sound they produce, which can be heard up to three miles away. 
  • They can be found in primary, arid deciduous and broadleaf forests of Brazil, Paraguay, eastern Bolivia and northern Argentina.
The Birmingham Zoo
Infant howler monkey. Photo via The Birmingham Zoo

Currently, mom and baby have the option to hang out in two areas—one where guests can view them while the other is more behind-the-scenes away from guests.

To catch a glimpse of the Zoo’s newest addition, visit their habitat at the Southern America/Primates Building. 

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