United Way of Central Alabama expands to Chilton, adding a sixth county

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UWCA expands to Chilton County
Drew Langloh, President and CEO of United Way of Central Alabama, announces the expansion of the organization to Chilton County. Photo via Jacob Blankenship for Bham Now

United Way of Central Alabama (UWCA) is expanding to Chilton County after voting to combine efforts with Chilton County United Way (UWCC). At a recent press conference, members from both boards announced the new transition. Representatives also shared plans moving forward in 2021, including the Hope Happens campaign.

UWCA expands to Chilton County and merges assets

DJ Nix, President of Jemison Intermediate School in Chilton County, speaks on behalf of the work Chilton County United Way. Photo via Jacob Blankenship for Bham Now

On January 1, 2021, UWCA expands to Chilton County, growing from five to six counties. The organization now serves Chilton, Jefferson, Shelby, Walker, Blount, and St. Clair counties.

“We are excited about our new relationship with the residents of Chilton County and we look forward to helping to continue to offer vital programs in the county. Our priorities and strategies and immediate needs of people in the community are already aligned.”

Drew Langloh, President and CEO, United Way of Central Alabama

A smooth transition with a helping hand

The new partnership fulfills UWCA’s mission of being a supportive neighbor and strong member of the community. With combined efforts, the Chilton County agencies will have access to more important resources.

“The partner agencies of the United Way of Chilton County stay intact and now become a part of our family of nonprofits. We’ll maintain their funding and be visiting Chilton often to fundraise for them with local businesses.”

John Martin, Senior Vice President of Senior Development, United Way of Central Alabama
United Way of Chilton County awards community members for their contribution to the organization over the years. Photo via Jacob Blakenship for Bham Now

As UWCA expands to Chilton County, the new partnership opens a door to a room full of support and extra aid that wasn’t available before. UWCC representatives spoke with confidence that their agencies will be well taken care of by UWCA’s team.

“UWCA will support programs in Chilton County and it’ll provide an opportunity with more resources for local agencies. As businesses expand, there are more employers and industries in the area.

That’s a great opportunity for companies to support the United Way’s effort here. We’re hoping to expand on that and increase the number of resources flowing into these agencies.”

John Martin, Senior Vice President of Senior Development, United Way of Central Alabama

How fundraising efforts look now

Part of these resources include digital assets UWCC didn’t have access to during the campaign. For example, while each organization ran its separate Hope Happens campaigns, UWCA set up a separate page on its site for Chilton County.

However, each organization will continue to run their fundraising campaigns this fall and make agency allocation decisions.

New faces, same goals

UWCA expands to Chilton County, Yolanda Boggs joins board
Yolanda Boggs, third from the left, will join United Way of Central Alabama’s board. Photo via Jacob Blankenship for Bham Now

To ensure success for everyone’s goals, UWCA is welcoming UWCC’s Yolanda Boggs as a new board member.

She spoke of her gratitude for her time served at Chilton County United Way. Additionally, Yolanda commended members and partners for their hard work building a strong base in the area.

“As we transition into UWCA, I’m grateful and I feel very blessed to be on the board.”

Yolanda Boggs

A look back at this year’s campaign and into the future 👏

Because of you – Hope Happens. Photo by Pat Byington for Bham Now

This year had more pivots than a basketball game. Despite the chaos, UWCA and their supporters carried on ambitious goals into the 2020 Hope Happens campaign. Take a look at only a few of the ways UWCA fought to provide for Birmingham and beyond:

As UWCA expands to Chilton County, we can expect to see this same effort and innovation reach our neighbors to the north.

There’s still time to donate time and funds to UWCA’S #HopeHappens campaign and see great initiatives accomplished in Birmingham.

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