10 local musicians we love, including Zoo Culture

Rude & True
Rude & True performing live. Photo via Rude & True

IDK about you, but to me, there’s nothing better than jamming along to great music or watching Birmingham musicians play live. If you’re looking for new music to stream, you’ll love supporting these 10 local artists and bands of different genres.

1. Rude & True

Rude & True
Photo via Rude & True

If you’ve had the chance to see Rude & True perform live, you know just how fun their music is. AJ & Rebecca perform at a few local venues like Little Italy in Five Points.

“We’re big fans of the music scene (we’re biased though) – it’s diverse and expansive. You can find someone of every genre in this town and everyone is willing to listen, collaborate and support each other.”

Rebecca Egeland, musician, Rude & True
  • Music style: “Groovy acoustic duo featuring soulful vocals and fun instrumental textures”
  • New projects: Follow their social media for updates on their debut EP and check out their show at the Nick on May 22.
  • Find Rude & True online: Website | Instagram | Facebook

2. Zoo Culture

If you ask what I’m listening to on any given day, chances are it’s Zoo Culture’s “Sundress”. They describe their music as “Indie” thanks to their homegrown, minimalist approach to creating.

  • Music style: Indie
  • New projects: Zoo Culture is working on a new EP. Hopeful release date—fall 2021. Their music is available on all streaming platforms.
  • Find Zoo Culture online: Instagram | Facebook

3. Joell Regal

Joell Regal’s gorgeous voice does exactly what she hopes with her music: enlightens and inspires. Joell has currently released one album she wrote and produced herself.

4. Janet Simpson

Throughout the pandemic, Janet Simpson has found new ways to share her music through livestreaming opportunities like Alabama Public Television’s Subcarrier and Tunnel Vision shows, Hoover Public Library’s online events and more. She performs at the upcoming AWS Fest, a benefit concert live stream, on May 1.

I’ve lived in Birmingham for almost 18 years. Birmingham is a new-South city with an incredible history of music and racial justice. Birmingham is also a generous city, with a long history of being one of the most charitable communities in the country. I’m inspired by the many nonprofit agencies and individuals working to support the wellbeing of their neighbors.

Janet Simpson
  • Music style: “Americana best fits my most recent release”
  • New projects: Janet released a new album on March that’s available on all streaming platforms and a new music video directed by local musician, Daniel Isaiah Hargett (with help from Rumi Kallenbach).
  • Find Janet online: Facebook | Website

5. Shaheed and DJ Supreme

Shaheed and DJ Supreme
Photo by Daniel Roth for Shaheed and DJ Supreme

If you’re talking about Birmingham musicians, you’ll probably hear Shaheed and DJ Supreme’s name mentioned. With each of their songs, they focus on spreading a message.

  • Music style: “Hip hop, soul and jazz fused together with a message”
  • New projects: Shaheed and DJ Supreme have released multiple new songs throughout the pandemic and performed many virtual shows. Follow them on social media to keep up with their nonprofit called Knowledge, Rhythm and Understanding that empowers and teaches young students the core elements of hip hop.
  • Find Shaheed and DJ Supreme online: Instagram | Facebook

6. Soul Desert

Soul Desert
Photo via Soul Desert

Soul Desert’s music isn’t easy to define in just a few words because with each album, they cover a ton of ground and explore different tones and sounds. The band loves the Birmingham community’s talented and diverse musicians who push one another to improve.

  • Music style: “Progressive space rock with a dash of psychedelia”
  • New projects: Soul Desert is working on an ambitious new album, a rock opera called Take Flight, that you can keep up with by following their social media. Their music is available on all streaming platforms.
  • Find Soul Desert online: Instagram | Facebook

7. Linnil is one of our favorite Birmingham musicians

Linnil describes his music as personal to him but still easy to apply to anyone else. As a Birmingham musician, he loves the community the city provides and the support everyone has for local artists.

  • Music style: “A fusion of neo soul and hip hop”
  • New projects: Linnil releases new music on a monthly/semi-monthly basis on all streaming platforms.
  • Find Linnil online: Website | Instagram | Facebook

8. The Blips

The Blips - Birmingham musicians
Photo by Dustin Timbrook for The Blips

The Blips is a local rock n’ roll band made up of talented friends who produce songs and find creating music to be pure joy. Eric Wallace, a band member, describes their songwriting as minimalist by design with guitars everywhere.

“My favorite thing about Birmingham is that it isn’t a destination. Having spent plenty of time in towns that are considered the “Mecca of this” or the “epitome of that,” Birmingham is just itself—for better or worse—and there’s plenty of room to breathe and understand yourself as a Birminghamian in the 21st century. Not to mention we have the best food in the country.”

Eric Wallace, musician, The Blips

9. Love Moor

Love Moor’s versatile music is perfect for dancing along to no matter what genre you want to hear. Throughout the pandemic, she was able to perform virtually but found there’s nothing like feeling and giving energy to a live crowd and hopes to do so again in the near future.

  • Music style: New RnB/Neo Soul with hints of Caribbean or hip hop
  • New projects: Love Moor’s newest body of work Motions is available on all streaming platforms. Follow along on social media to stay current on upcoming events.
  • Find Love Moor online: Website | Instagram | Facebook

10. John Armstrong Feller

John Armstrong Feller
Photo via John Armstrong Feller’s Facebook

John Armstrong Feller is a singer-songwriter who focuses on adding stories to his songs and showcasing the highs and lows of life.

  • Music style: John’s music focuses on telling stories with strong acoustics
  • New projects: Throughout the pandemic, John’s been using the hashtag #sundaysareformusic. You can find his EP on Spotify and follow his social media for updates on live shows.
  • Find John Armstrong Feller online: Instagram | Facebook

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