12 Birmingham-based bands that are catching our attention

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One of Birmingham’s own, Love Moor shares her musical talent with the world. Photo provided from Love Moor’s instagram

With a long history of music and the arts, Birmingham is consistently producing new artists who are passionate about their sound. We wanted to share some newer Birmingham-based artists that have recently produced work that we think you’ll enjoy.

Rock N Roll Bands

1. Holy Youth

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Holy Youth, a band native to Birmingham, understands that at the end of the day they’re just pals who love what they do . Photo provided by Holy Youth’s instagram

Since 2012, Holy Youth has been performing and creating music. They produced their album with Lolipop Records. In their bio, they make it a point to acknowledge that they are all just friends who want to do what they love: create music.

Members: Chris, John Paul, Stuart, Abby
Genre: Rock

2. Heath Green & The Makeshifters

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With quite the music history around the Birmingham area, Green and his band are creating music that summarizes their experiences in our beloved city. Photo provided by Heath Green and the Makeshifters’ instagram

Beginning in 2015, this band is a group of deep-felt musicians. They created their album with Alive Natural Sound Records. Heath Green has been in a multitude of Birmingham bands and throughout the area is known for his musical and songwriting ability. When the band comes together, Heath Green and the Makeshifters are sure to make you wanna dance to the beat.

Members: Heath Green, Joseph Nelson, Jason Lucia, Greg Slamen
Genre: Rock N Roll

Upcoming: On Saturday, September 22nd at 10 p. m. they will be performing at Nick Rocks.

3. St. Paul and the Broken Bones

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With a beloved Birmingham following, this Magic City band is making waves. Photo provided by St. Paul and the Broken Bones’ instagram

This eight-piece soul band has become well-known nationally and made quite the name for themselves. Since their beginning this band quickly had a devoted following with their gospel tinge and retro-soul. Currently, St. Paul and the Broken Bones are on an statewide tour.

Members: Paul Janeway, Jesse Phillips, Andrew Lee, Allen Branstetter, Browan Lollar, Al Gamble, Chad Fisher, and Jeronne Ansari
Genre: Rock N Roll/ Soul / R&B /

4. Alabama Rose

As “the only female-fronted rock n roll quartet” in Alabama, this new band is making bold statements. With songs covering a variety of emotion, Alabama Rose is a “mean rock n roll machine.” She is going places and you do not want to miss out.

Members: Alabama Rose
Genre: Rock N Roll

Birmingham’s Singing Songwriters

5. Rebecca Egeland

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A super new artist to the music scene, Rebecca Egeland has a folksy and soulful vibe. Photo provided by Rebecca Egeland’s instagram

Recently, this artist produced her first album in 2018 and recorded it at Ol Elegante Studio in Homewood. Rebecca Egeland is a singer-songwriter. With folk and soul, she displays the realities of loss and love. In her first album, she was excited to also record and spotlight some of her talented friends.

Members: Rebecca Egeland
Genre: Singer/ Songwriter

6. Love Moor

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A Birmingham gal, Love Moor shares her passion for music with a unique sound. Photo provided by Love Moor’s instagram

Born in Brooklyn, Love Moor grew up in Florida, but now claims Birmingham as home. Her latest album “Simp Girl” was made in 2017 and reveals this NeoSoul artist as she explores the ideas of sexuality, nostalgia, self-love and abandonment. With a mix of genres, Love Moor is sure to provide a chill and eclectic vibe.

Members: Love Moor
Genre: Alternative / R&B / Soul / Singer / Songwriter

7. Kyle Kimbrell

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Fresh to the music scene, Kyle Kimbrell is a Birmingham local who is working hard to produce great music. Photo provided by Kyle Kimbrell’s instagram

Still somewhat new to the music scene, Kyle Kimbrell has been making music moves since 2016. He has produced two EP’s. With a gritty and relaxed sound, this musician is making a name for himself.

Members: Kyle Kimbrell
Genre: Singer / Songwriter

8. Taylor Hunnicutt

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Taylor Hunnicutt has a beautiful Birmingham sound  that is sure to comfort and inspire. Photo provided by Taylor Hunnicutt’s instagram

With a soulful country sound, this singer songwriter combines her storytelling abilities with natural musical talent in order to create beautiful music. Taylor Hunnicutt blends genres and allows the music to flow through her.

Members: Taylor Hunnicutt
Genre: Singer / Songwriter / Americana

Upcoming: On Sunday, October 14th, Hunnicutt will be performing at Pepper Place for Breakin’ Bread in Birmingham, AL.

Birmingham’s Other Genres

9. Early James and the Latest

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With a darker sound, this Birmingham duo produces soulful music with a twang. Photo provided by Early James and the Latest’s instagram

Early James and the Latest  has a deep gritty sound with blues and roots mixed throughout. This duo produced a self-titled EP in 2018, and are gaining traction.

Members: Early James and Adrian Marmolejo
Genre: Blues / Country / Folk / Jazz

10. Erra

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These Birmingham natives have created an international following for their metalcore band, Erra. Photo provided by Erra band’s instagram

As a five-piece progressive metalcore band, Erra shares beautiful lyrics and emotions with their audience. They have an international crowd as well as a strong devoted following. Playing since 2009, this Birmingham band found inspiration for their name from the Akkadian god of war and plague, homonymous.

Members: Jesse Cash, Alex Ballew, Sean Price, JT Carvey, and Conor Hesse
Genre: Progressive Metal Core Band

11. (the) Dead Sea Flowers

A fairly new band, (the) Dead Sea Flowers have an intimate following. They have been playing together since 2010 but recorded an album with Lathelight in 2017.

Members: Bloom, Loop, Sea, and Vi
Genre: Psychedelic / Electronic / Punk Rock

12. The Brook + The Bluff

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This Birmingham born, Nashville based band has created quite the musical reputation for themselves. Photo provided by The Brook and the Bluff’s instagram

In 2016, The Brook and the Bluff came together as a four-man band. Quickly, they were recognized nationally for their vocal harmony and beautiful combination of instrumentals, selling out shows from early on. With a bright future ahead of them, The Brook and the Bluff will continue touring and creating music.

Members: Joseph Settine, John Canada, Alec Bolton, and Fred Lankford
Genre: Alternative / Indie
Upcoming: On Wednesday, November 21st, The Brook and the Bluff will be performing at Saturn in Birmingham.

Support our Beloved Birmingham Based Musicians

For Birmingham natives hearing the sound of beloved friends, families, locals who understand the love and admiration for this city is unlike anything else. Let’s continue to support our Birmingham musicians while they work hard to bring us fresh tunes.

If I missed an up and coming band with recently released music that has traction, let me know: holly@bhamnow.com.
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