9 stylish Birminghamians share the fashion trends you’ll see all spring

Birmingham fashion trends for spring
Wide-leg jeans and matching sets should be on your radar. Photo via (L-R) Aliscia Marie, Jess Lanier for Molly Green, Randall Porter

Wide-leg jeans, monochromatic sets and casual touches in each outfit. Everywhere you look, you’ll see different styles blooming in Birmingham. After a year of only dressing up for Zoom calls, I needed some style inspiration. I reached out to local fashion-forward folks to get their input on the Birmingham fashion trends we can expect this season.

1. Emma | @thechic.nextdoor

One scroll through Emma’s Instagram and you’ll see why I love finding spring fashion inspiration from her. She’s a local personal stylist who works with clients to find outfits they love from the clothing they already have.

“With our society becoming more casual, so is our clothing. The fashion world has been moving towards this for years but the pandemic certainly propelled it. The need for easy and comfortable styles has now become a necessity with so many of us working from home.”

Emma Freeze

According to Emma, we’ll continue to see comfort trending with outfit pairings like sneakers with dresses and blazers with jeans.

2. Randall | @randallporter

If you follow Bham Now on Instagram, you’ve probably seen Randall on our Now the Weekend videos (and if you don’t follow us, what are you doing?). Randall is a brand strategist + style enthusiast, and he’s always ahead on the newest Birmingham fashion trends.

“Monochromatic looks in earth tones and pastels are the trends. Earth tones and pastels are the palettes of choice for spring. Powdery blues. Pinks and foam greens play to a softer masculine side. Women are getting on this trend too which can be seen in Julie Maeseele’s work.”

Randall Porter

Randall shares his style and life on his platform, all while sharing new must-have experiences in Birmingham. What’s Randall’s advice for staying chic this spring?

“If you are looking for the easiest way to look chic this season look no further than the monochromatic trend. Whether it is an exact match or tones of the same color it works every time.”

Randall Porter

3. Samra | @samrathecurator

Samra Michael is a sustainable stylist at basic., but her style journey doesn’t end there. She’s also the face behind Cross Dressin, a Depop/Instagram shop where she sells lightly worn and upcycled pieces. When she isn’t helping people find their next favorite piece of clothing, she co-hosts the podcast SHE WELL READ.

“I’ve seen a rise in small-batch, independent designers popping up within the Birmingham area. What I love about this trend is that each seller brings something completely unique to the Birmingham fashion landscape. Brands like Arrogant Bastard and Julie Maeseele and Stoonic all have very different brand identities, but there’s a market for all three aesthetics in this city based on the brands’ collective support.”


4. Aliscia Marie | @aliscia.marie

Meet Aliscia Marie, a local fashion content creator who provides curve-friendly fashion inspiration. This spring, she’s seen the rise in wide-leg pants, and her advice to all of us is to embrace it.

“Skinny jeans lovers: hear me out. Wide leg or oversized jeans may not have the streamlining effect of our favorite skinny jeans. But, they’re a bona fide obsession of mine for spring, and they’re showing their elegant side this season. Both of the silhouettes are quickly taking over as my everyday jean shape of choice this spring!”

Aliscia Marie

5. Lydia | @stelonashoes

Lydia studied fashion at Auburn University, and in 2020, she decided to pursue her fashion dreams by launching a business. Stelona Shoes are season-less interchangeable shoes that can be customized for any style or season.

“We’re in-between trends right now; we’re in a transition period merging what we’ve been through the past year and what we want to move towards. Everyone wants to feel good, and that’s why sweat sets are getting cuter.”


6. Kimberly | @hangit_upkim

I discovered Kim’s Instagram while I was scrolling, and I am glad I did. She shares everything from bold blazers to neutral jumpsuits, so I knew she’d have a great eye for the Birmingham fashion trends we can expect.

“Being in Birmingham with the hot weather during the spring and summer, we look to be both fashionable and comfortable. There’s a trend toward wearing more dresses and jumpsuits, both pastels and bold colors. You cannot go wrong with solid colors or patterns. A smaller bag completes the look. Trending now is the ‘dumpling’ or ‘ruched’ clutch.”


7. Jeniese | @jenesaisquoithe

The biggest Birmingham fashion trend that came up? Trying out new jean shapes. Jeniese, the blogger behind The Jenesaisquoi Blog, recommends trying out new styles.

“One thing I see trending is new jean shapes. We have been wearing skinny jeans for a while, but now I see people trying straight legs styles, Mom jeans and flares just to name a few. It’s fun to see people stepping outside of their box.”


8. Treś | @tresfineclothing

Tres' Fine Clothing
Get ready to wear tailored pieces all spring. Photo via Sharron Swain for Bham Now

If you’ve visited the old Cotton’s building in Ensley, you’re probably familiar with Treś’ Fine Clothing. Treś designs tailored pieces to elevate any look. Like many of our other stylin’ Birminghamians, Treś emphasizes the importance of clothing that’s individual to you.

“Current style trend: High & tapered hems – this style gives the image of a fully ‘tailored look.’ To incorporate the look, find a tailor such as myself who can give a truly custom job.”


Find Treś’ Fine Clothing online: Website | Instagram

9. Laura | @shopmollygreen

Molly Green is a go-to boutique with locations in Birmingham, Nashville and Chattanooga. They carry pieces for all styles, and they always have an eye on the newest trends.

“After last year people are starting to think about comfort in new ways. We want to carry the comfort of being in comfy clothes at home out into the world with us. So this year, we are seeing a lot of soft great basics. Soft tees, great shackets (shirt-jackets), and denim that provides a lot of stretch (and isn’t skinny jeans).”

Laura, Marketing Director
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