5 beautiful waterfalls within driving distance of Birmingham

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Look at that rainbow in this beautiful view of Desoto Falls. Photo via DeKalb County Tourism and Heather Harkins Photography

Yes, living in Birmingham provides us the luxury of hanging out at rooftop happy hours in the city and experiencing local talent at music festivals; however, did you know that we also have some unique waterfalls to explore within miles of the city? So if you were thinking you had to book a plane ticket to witness multiple cascading waterfalls, we’re here to tell you that you were wrong. Respectfully, of course! Here are five of the most beautiful waterfalls within driving distance of Birmingham.

1. Moss Rock Preserve

Moss Rock
Your pet would love splashing in the falls at Moss Rock Preserve. Photo via Pat Byington for Bham Now

 t’s no wonder Forbes listed Moss Rock Preserve on their ultimate hiking guide. This park is located in Hoover, Alabama. Moss Rock Preserve contains about 12 miles of hiking trails each with its own difficulty level. This location is popular with pets as well! Plan a day out for you and your furry friend to take in the beautiful scenery of forestry, streams and waterfalls. A little post hike dip in the watering hole won’t hurt either.

  • Distance from Birmingham: 15 miles
  • Drive Time: 20 minutes

2. Peavine Falls

Alabama State Park
Imagine seeing this in person! Peavine Falls at Oak Mountain State Park. Photo via Outdoor Alabama

Peavine Falls is a 65-foot waterfall located within Oak Mountain State Park. There are a few different trails ranging in difficulty that lead to this waterfall, so be sure to read the map guide before embarking on your hike. It is a steep climb to get to the falls, but it’s all worth it. Plus, you’ll get a chance to cool off in the pool of water at the falls.

  • Entry Fee: $5
  • Distance from Birmingham: 25 miles
  • Drive Time: 45 minutes

3. Bankhead National Forest Waterfalls

Bankhead National Forest
Gorgeous waterfall in the Bankhead National Forest. Photo via Pat Byington for Bham Now

Bankhead National Forest is located on the outskirts of Birmingham. This national forest actually contains seven waterfalls, which means this is the perfect location to channel your inner explorer for the day to experience them all!

  • Distance from Birmingham: 100 Miles
  • Drive Time: Two hours
  • Waterfalls Include: Turkey Foot Falls, Parker Falls, Holmes Chapel Falls, Caney Creek Falls, Kinlock Falls, Sougahoagdee Falls, Mize Mills Falls

4. Little River Canyon Falls

Little River Canyon
Kayakers gathering at Little River Canyon Falls stare at the waterfall in amazement. Photo via Bennett Smith’s Facebook page

Enjoy a day out at Little River Canyon with your family and friends. You can experience Little River Falls by watching from the top of the bridge near the visitors’ center, or get up close and personal with this 45 foot waterfall by taking a short walk down the boardwalk. Either way makes for a memorable experience.

  • Distance from Birmingham: 103 miles
  • Drive Time: One hour 40 minutes

5. DeSoto Falls

Bennett Smith Desoto Falls
Bennett Smith diving down Desoto Falls in his Kayak. Photo via Bennett Smith

This 107-foot waterfall is one of the tallest waterfalls in the state of Alabama. The waterfall is located in DeSoto State Park on Lookout Mountain, which is approximately seven miles from the main park. The best time of year to see the most water flow is in the springtime, which means it’s time to get to planning that day trip ASAP!

  • Distance from Birmingham: 120 miles
  • Drive Time: Two hours

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