Have you seen Montevallo’s colorful Pendleton Hydrant Parade yet?

fire hydrant, Pendleton Hydrant Parade
This cute dalmatian is just one of 27 painted fire hydrants along Montevallo’s Pendleton Fire Hydrant Parade. Photo via Joel Bullock

Next time you’re in Montevallo, take some time to stroll along a two-mile route through the town’s Main Street District’s Pendleton Hydrant Parade. On this two-mile route, you’ll discover not one, but 27 colorful fire hydrants recently repainted by local artists. Keep reading to find out more.

What the Pendleton Hydrant Parade is

A fun and funky feature of the town, the Pendleton Hydrant Parade is a two-mile route through Montevallo’s Main Street District. It showcases 27 fire hydrants painted by local artists.

You can find the whole route on AllTrails now. Next time we have a beautiful day, head down to see the trail for for yourself.

Fun fact: the 2020-21 version represents an addition of five new painted hydrants to the 2007 version of the trail.

Where you’ll find the Pendleton Hydrant Parade

starry night hydrant, Pendleton Hydrant Trail
Starry night . . . Photo via Joel Bullock

Where: Montevallo’s Main Street District and beyond.

  • It starts at the Valley Street/Main Street intersection in front of the Fire Station. 
  • You’ll find hydrants on Main, Island, Valley, Shelby, Middle and Vine Streets as well.

How the Pendleton Hydrant Parade happened

stripes, Pendleton Hydrant Parade
Stripes . . . Photo via Joel Bullock

Back in June 2020, Montevallo Main Street’s Facebook reported that the fire hydrants had trash bags after being sandblasted and primed in preparation for their new coats of paint.

Artists submitted their proposals along the following types of themes: 

  • History, Schools
  • Sports
  • Nature
  • State of Alabama
  • USA
  • Arts
  • Military/First Responders

Falcon Art Supply, on 623 Main Street, provided kits that included paints, brushes and supplies. Artists were able to checked these out and return them once they were done with their work.

Who’s behind the Pendleton Hydrant Parade

octoupus, Pendleton Hydrant Trail
Octopus. Photo via Joel Bullock

A number of groups came together to make this trail’s new look possible.

  • The Montevallo Water Board
  • Montevallo Main Street
  • Montevallo Fire and Rescue
  • The City of Montevallo
  • The Montevallo Arts Council
  • The Pendleton Family 

Word on the street is that Becky Cox-Rogers at Falcon Arts Supply played a huge role in making this project happen. And of course the 27 artists who contributed their time and talent to leave such colorful creations in their wake.

So many artists came together for the Pendleton Hydrant Parade

dogdeadon Have you seen Montevallo's colorful Pendleton Hydrant Parade yet?
This dog was so cute we had to include it twice. Photo via Joel Bullock

“Montevallo is known for our art. We love the Pendleton Hydrant Parade not only because it honors some special community members—Dudley and Pedro—but also because it’s a chance to highlight local artists and invite people to explore our downtown and check out each one.

The Pendleton hydrant parade trail was originally created in 2007 and is dedicated to Dudley Pendleton and his faithful canine sidekick Pedro. Mr. Pendleton served 50+ years with Montevallo’s fire department and 20+ years on the Montevallo sewer and water board.”

Courtney Bennett, Executive Director, Montevallo Main Street

Want to know who painted the murals?

  • Robin Nance Metz & Leslee Hare, “What’s so Funny ’bout Peace, Love and Understanding?”
  • Laurie Orr Binion & Debbie Sullivan King, “Dudley & Pedro”
  • Kymberlee Lewis & Kristi Deerman, “Bulldog Pride”
  • Tonia Mayton, “Power of the Pencil”
  • Beverly Stamps, “Bob the Policeman”
  • Debbie Sullivan King, “Sparky the Fire Dog”
  • Sarah Hogan, “Sharing the Love Globally”
  • Joyce Sherrer, “Ice Cream Cone with Fudge & Cherry On Top”
  • Becky Cox-Rodgers, “Tingle Tree”
  • Cairisti Britton, “Ebenezer Swamp”
  • Emily Gill, “BLUE-sh!”
  • Elizabeth Haynie, “Americana”
  • Olivia Barone, “Think Local, Act Global”
  • Courtney Bennett, “James Wylie Shepherd Observatory”
  • Kathy Stewart, “Morning Glories”
  • Sharon Moncus Henderson, “Flower Field”
  • Kristi Deerman & Kymberlee Lewis, “Starry Night”
  • Victoria Nichols, “Stained Glass Windows”
  • Collin Williams, “Coal Miner”
  • Brad Williams, “Fireman”
  • Daisie Hoitsma & Tanner Young, “UM Theme”
  • Patrick Mayton, “Scorcher”
  • Hilary Whitson, “Bulldog”
  • Melanie Poole, “Diving Into the Arts”
  • Adele Nelson, “Farmers’ Market”
  • Amy Feger, “College Town”
  • Alison Baggett, “Paint the Town”

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