Explore these 5 horseback riding stables in Birmingham

GKM Equestrian horse and cat
Even cats are getting into horseback riding. Photo via GKM Equestrian’s Facebook

Calling all horse girls and guys—Bham Now has scouted out five great places in the Birmingham area to go horseback riding. Keep reading to learn where you can saddle up to relive your childhood dreams or help your kids live out theirs.


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1. Rusted Roof Barn at Oak Mountain State Park

Rusted roof barn horse
Celebrate Spring with a horseback ride at Rusted Roof Barn. Photo via Rusted Roof Barn’s Facebook

For my 12th birthday, my family took me to Oak Mountain to go horseback riding, and I would be a liar if I said that I haven’t secretly wanted to go back for every birthday since (Mom, if you’re reading this…). Oak Mountain’s Rusted Roof Barn is a great spot for horseback riding of all levels, from beginners who want to learn how to handle being on a horse or regular riders who need some trails to trot along.

Find a map for the Oak Mountain Horseback Trails here.

Keep in mind that following the March 24 storms, the park has limited visitor capacity and many trails could be affected for humans and horses alike.

2. Mo’s Carriage and Trail Rides

mo's carriages and trail rides horseback riding
Enjoy a sunny day riding horses by the water. Photo via Mo’s Carriage and Trail Rides’ Facebook

Mo’s Carriage and Trail Rides was founded by Moses Gagakuma, a Ghana native who grew up next to a military stable. The feature two horseback riding options, the Jungle Trail and the Scenic River Ride. They offer multiple options for groups and private tours. This is a great options for more inexperienced riders looking for a gentle, guided ride through Birmingham.

3. GKM Equestrian

gkm equestrian horseback riding
Check out the horseback riding options at GKM Equestrian. Photo via GKM Equestrian’s Facebook

Located in Leeds, GMK Equestrian offers the whole gamut for anyone interested in learning more about horses and horseback riding. From boarding stables to riding lessons to horse training, GMK has everything you need to start your next horseback riding adventure. They also feature Summer Camps if you’re looking for a fun new activity for your kids this year.

  • Beginners can get started with horseback riding lessons here.
  • Location: 1964 Montevallo Road, Leeds, Alabama 35094
  • Hours: Monday-Saturday, 9AM-7PM
  • Website | Facebook | Instagram | Contact

4. Fox Lake Farms

Fox lake farms horseback riding
Join the team at Fox Lake Farms. Photo via Guerry Force

Fox Lake Farms is not far from downtown Birmingham, sitting on 35 acres of idyllic land perfect for horseback riders of all levels. They offer horseback riding lessons, horse boarding and they have a horseback riding team that competes across the country.

5. Lachlan Farms

Lachlan farms horseback riding
If you want to learn how to navigate a horse over a jump like this, check out Lachlan Farms. Photo via Lachlan Farms’ Facebook

Not far from downtown Birmingham, Lachlan Farms is a family-owned and family-friendly horseback riding facility. They offer horseback riding lessons for kids of all ages and a great place for families to relax while their little ones learn how to handle a horse. If you’re curious, you can meet the animals at the farm here.

So whether you want to take your horse to the Old Town Road or learn how to hunt and jump on horseback, these five horseback riding facilities are the place to go.

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Here at Bham Now, we love supporting local.

If you’re looking to shop local, but don’t know where to start, check out our local business directory with 690 businesses.

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