3 reasons why your small biz needs to know about Taylor Sales & Services


Taylor Sales and Services
In need of some soft serve equipment for your small business? Photo via Bham Now

Wish you could zap COVID-19 away? In need of a soft serve ice cream machine? Find out what these two things have to do with each other and why your small business needs to know about Taylor Sales & Services.

Who is Taylor Sales & Services?

Taylor Sales and Services
Technicians at TSSI can install and maintain your equipment. Photo via Bham Now

Birmingham loves to support local businesses, so we’re especially excited to tell you about Taylor Sales & Services (TSSI). It’s a food service and restaurant equipment company that serves Alabama, parts of Florida as well as Mississippi. Mostly, they work with local restaurants and mom-and-pop type establishments by supplying them with essential equipment.

Here’s a closer look at three reasons why your small business needs to know about TSSI:

1. They provide outstanding service. 

Taylor Sales and Services
Taylor Sales and Services is known for outstanding service. Photo via Bham Now

Think I’m making this up? Then take a closer look at the photo above. Yep, those are all awards for outstanding sales, service, marketing and financial performance. The word “outstanding” is literally right there in big gold letters.

One way TSSI provides outstanding service is by creating long-standing relationships with their clients. Not only do they take the time to walk you through the process of choosing the equipment that best suits you and your business, but they also install it and teach you how to use it. They even provide maintenance support.

Want to learn more about TSSI? Fill out their contact form or give them a call at 205-335-8978.

2. They’ll help you find that essential piece of equipment your biz needs to succeed. 

Where would local Mexican restaurants like Little Donkey be without incredible frozen margaritas? Or, how would Wendy’s classic frosty-dipped French fries ever have been dreamed up without soft serve machines? 

From frozen drink machines to soft serve machines, TSSI can help you find that essential piece of equipment that will make your restaurant or small business, a success. 

Want to learn more about TSSI? Fill out their contact form or give them a call at 205-335-8978.

3. They can help you eliminate germs like COVID-19 with Bluezone units

Taylor Sales & Services, Bluezone
Each Bluezone unit kills 99.9995% of airborne contaminants. Photo via Taylor Sales & Services

Each year, we are told by medical professionals to take extra precautions when going out during cold and flu season. Then COVID-19 happened, causing quarantining to become the new normal and many small businesses to shutter their doors. 

If your restaurant or small business felt the negative effects of COVID-19 shutdowns and decreased business, TSSI has the perfect solution. Say hello to Bluezone—a patented and American designed air purification system.

Just like the aroma of coffee in the morning permeates the room, bacteria and virus droplets/aerosols do the same—often spreading more than six feet. Bluezone is the only technology on the market that kills viruses and bacteria without causing harm to customers and employees.

Here are some important things to know about Bluezone:

  • It’s used by leading food service brands, restaurants, indoor farms and medical offices.
  • It’s been tested and fielded by the US Navy and US Military.
  • It’s proven to kill 99.9995% of airborne contaminants without a filter, eliminating dangerous airborne contaminants like COVID-19, flu, bacteria and mold.
  • It purifies the air every 60 minutes.
  • It’s recommended by the CDC and FDA.

What businesses would benefit from Bluezone units?

Essentially, all would. But TSSI’s goal is to equip small local businesses like restaurants, gyms and salons. Basically, businesses that are high risk for the transmission of airborne viruses.

How can you get your hands own one of these magnificent COVID-19-busting, germ demolishing super machines?

  1. Contact TSSI by calling 205.335.8978 or by filling out this contact form.
  2. You’ll be walked through all the details about Bluezone units so you can order the right sized unit for your business.
  3. When your unit arrives, TSSI technicians will deliver and install it and even and train you on how to use it.

Connect with Taylor Sales & Services

Taylor Sales and Services
Taylor Sales and Service. Photo via Bham Now

Now that you’ve learned some of the cool ways TSSI is helping equipment small businesses around Birmingham, it’s time for you to reach out and utilize their services.

Want to learn more about TSSI? Fill out their contact form or give them a call at 205-335-8978.

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