Birmingham + Hoover area nationally ranked for positive small biz sentiments

Mural Birmingham 1 Birmingham + Hoover area nationally ranked for positive small biz sentiments
It sure is nice to have these great local businesses in Bham. Photo via Bham Now

I’m sure you already know Birmingham loves small business—and it’s showing. The Census Bureau released their Small Business Pulse Survey and our Magic City ranked third nationally for strong, positive small business sentiment. Keep reading for the deets.

Bham ❤️ small biz

You’re probably wondering how Birmingham and Hoover made it onto the top 10 list of US cities with the most positive small business sentiment. The simple answer? We love supporting small local businesses and entrepreneurs.

Here’s the technical answer. The Birmingham-Hoover area ranked third overall, right after Raleigh-Cary, North Carolina and Salt Lake City, Utah. According to SmartAsset, 32.2% of our small local businesses have at least three months of cash in savings, which is the highest percentage of all 50 metro areas examined in the survey.

The Magic City also placed third when looking at new small businesses who are currently hiring.

If that wasn’t enough, the Birmingham metro area ranked as the 19th lowest out of 50 cities around the U.S. in regards to the percentage of small businesses that don’t expect to return to normal operating levels in the future. In other words, the future is looking bright for our small businesses—even amidst a pandemic.

Let’s keep up the momentum

Skyline Birmingham + Hoover area nationally ranked for positive small biz sentiments
Photo via Matthew Niblett for Bham Now

I don’t know about you, but I feel the pandemic opened our eyes to how important small business is to the fabric of our city. From restaurants, coffee shops, retailers and more, I’ve enjoyed intentionally supporting local names rather than chain retailers.

Of course, at Bham Now, we’re all about our small, mighty businesses and that’s why we created our database at the beginning of COVID. We wanted a place for local biz and nonprofits to go to discover what makes Birmingham so special. From Highlands Bar and Grill to Freedom Soaps and Ignite Cycle, local businesses reflect the true personality of what makes Birmingham, Birmingham.

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