A closet for every lifestyle: the diva, the neat freak, the dad, the single + the couple


diva closet
Have a seat on my crushed velvet bench, dear. Photo via Closets by Design of Central Alabama

Tired of feeling uninspired when you look in your closet? Look no further for inspo. Closets by Design of Central Alabama, located right here in Birmingham, can design and build a closet for every lifestyle. Which one best describes you? 

1. The Diva

If you’ve ever wondered what the closet of a former beauty queen looks like, check out this piece we did back in May 2019. This clotheshorse wanted a closet that felt like an upscale boutique and a personal sanctuary rolled into one. 

Diva closets usually include special features like scarf or necklace hangers, beautiful drawers for accessories and a chandelier (of course). Some divas also like to add special touches like velvet-covered seats, candles, or animal-print rugs. 

2. The Neat Freak

Fans of shows like The Home Edit will love these closets specially created by and for the neat freaks of the world. 

Open spaces to organize shoes and accessories give new meaning to the phrase “shop your closet.” Drawers and shelves provide perfect-sized private spaces for whatever needs to be tucked away.

With more than enough room to hang everything on matching hangers, you’ll never waste another minute wondering where anything in your neat freak closet is. Serenity now.

Want to get started designing your closet? Reach out to Closets by Design of Central Alabama today.

3. The Dad

What do you get for the man who has everything? 

Why, an elegant closet to store his wardrobe in style, of course. With places for ties, shoes, outerwear and more, this dad’s mornings and evenings will be easy breezy. He’ll know exactly where everything is, leaving time for all the things that matter most in life. 

4. The Single

fabulous closet
Now where did I put my most fabulous shoes? Photo via Closets by Design of Central Alabama

If you’re single and love to go out, you’ve probably invested a small fortune in clothing and accessories that help you live your best life. 

Why not invest in a closet that shows off your inner fashionista and makes getting dressed for your next big outing a breeze.

5. The Couple

couple closet
His and hers. Photo via Closets by Design of Central Alabama

Sometimes, couple’s closets can be a challenge. One has a lot of things. The other not so many. Or maybe both have lots of things and everything ends up feeling crammed into a standard-issue space. 

This is where the designers at Closets by Design of Central Alabama can work magic. They’ll come in and measure your space, discover your needs and custom-design the right solution for your space and lifestyle. 

As you can see from this couple’s closet, they’ve got baskets for storage, hangers, shelves and drawers. They’ve even got room for a mirror and a table. 

Are you ready to get started designing your closet? Call Closets by Design of Central Alabama today at 1.866.758.1967 or visit their website to begin. 

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