Roll into a fun time with friends this year at 7 top Birmingham roller skating rinks and trails

Three people inline skating
Skating my way into 2021. Photo via Pixabay

Looking for a way to get your heart rate up and enjoy an afternoon in Birmingham? Let the good times roll at a roller rink or by skating on one of the Magic City’s outdoor trails. We’ve got you covered with 7 Birmingham roller skating rinks and trails.

1. Skates 280

Skates 280 wooden roller rink with neon lights
With a roller rink this fun, who cares if you fall down half the time? Photo via Skates 280’s website

I have many fond memories of birthday parties and summer afternoons at Skates 280, but why leave the fun to the kids? Head to Skates 280 for a fun evening on the rinks. Plus, follow along their Facebook to stay up to date on adults-only nights and free skating lessons.

  • COVID-19 Precautions: Face masks are required unless actively skating or seated and eating. Hand sanitizer is available throughout.
  • Location: 7043 Meadowlark Dr., Birmingham, AL 35242
  • Price: $10 admission & $3 skates rental
  • Hours: Friday 12-10:30PM (All Ages), 10:30-11PM (18 & Older); Saturday 12-10:30PM (All Ages), 10:30PM-12:00AM (18 & Older); Sunday 2-10PM (All Ages)
  • Website | Facebook | 205.991.3611

2. Roller Motion Skate Center

Roller Motion Skate Center neon lit Birmingham roller skating rink
Weekend plans? Check. Photo via Roller Motion Skate Center on Facebook

Ready for roller skating on a wood floor under colorful neon lights? Roller Motion Skate Center is the place to go. Book a private party for a small group of your friends or visit the rink when they’re open for general admission. No matter what, face masks are required and you can roll into a fun afternoon.

  • COVID-19 Precautions: Masks are required for everyone in the facility and they sanitize everything before, during and after every session. There is limited capacity.
  • Location: 2474 Morgan Rd, Bessemer, AL 35022
  • Price: $7-$12 admission & skates rental
  • Hours: Monday, 12-4PM; Tuesday, 5-8PM; Wednesday & Thursday Closed for Private Parties; Friday, 7-11PM; Saturday, 2-10PM; Sunday, 2-5PM
  • Website | Facebook | 205.424.7000

3. Trussville Playstation

Shelves of roller skates at Trussville Playstation
Trussville Playstation skates are stocked and ready to go. Photo via Trussville Playstation on Facebook

Fun for the whole family? Yes, please. Mask up and head to the Trussville Playstation for an afternoon of roller skating.

  • COVID-19 Precautions: Masks are required and social distancing is encouraged
  • Location: 411 Watterson Ln, Trussville, AL 35173
  • Price: $3-$12 depending on activities
  • Hours: Monday, Closed; Tuesday, 6-8PM; Wednesday, Closed; Thursday, 6-8PM; Friday, 5-11PM; Saturday, 1-11PM; Sunday, 2-5PM
  • Website | Facebook | 205.655.1800

4. Funtime Skate Center

Neon lights over wooden skating rink at Funtime Skate Center
Ready for a fun time at Funtime? Photo via Funtime on Facebook

If you’re looking for a Birmingham roller skating rink, take the short drive to Fultondale for a skating session in Funtime Skate Center. They offer private parties, themed music nights and different events.

  • COVID-19 Precautions: Face masks are required unless actively skating
  • Location: 3508 Decatur Hwy, Fultondale, AL 35068
  • Price: $5-$12 depending on date
  • Hours: Monday-Tuesday, Closed for Private Parties; Wednesday, 5-8PM; Thursday, 6-9PM; Friday, 6-10PM; Saturday, 12-9PM; Sunday, 2-6PM
  • Website | Facebook | 205.631.9206

5. Hillsboro Trail

Hillsboro Trail in Helena, AL
Just imagine a beautiful day roller skating on the Hillsboro Trail. Photo via Shelby County, AL website

With spring weather coming (hopefully) soon, we can all plan to spend more time outside. There are multiple paved trails in Birmingham where you can roller skate, and the Hillsboro Trail in Helena is a great option.

  • Location: Appleford Road and West of Hillsboro Pkwy across from Helena High School
  • Distance: 2 miles

6. The High Ore Line Trail is a great Birmingham roller skating option

High Ore Line Trail - Birmingham roller skating
The High Ore Line Trail connected to Red Mountain Park is perfect for roller skating or biking. Photo via Red Mountain Park on Facebook

The High Ore Line Trail is the perfect option for anyone looking to spend more time outside, whether you roller skate or bike. The paved trail connects Red Mountain Park to the growing Red Rock Trail System.

  • Location: Etheridge Drive and Venice Road (Red Mountain Park)
  • Distance: 3.1 miles

7. Shades Creek Greenway

Shades Creek Greenway trail with sign that says "This isn't that bad"
This is the kind of encouragement I need while running or roller skating. Photo via Shades Creek Greenway – Lakeshore Trail on Facebook

Shades Creek Greenway (or the Lakeshore Trail) is an asphalt trail covered with trees along Lakeshore Drive. Whether you’re a roller-skating pro or you still haven’t taken your skates out for a spin, this is a great place to get some practice.

  • Location: Columbiana Rd. and Brookwood Blvd.
  • Distance: 2.6 miles

Where’s your favorite place to roller skate in Birmingham? Let us know by tagging @bhamnow.

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