Local businesses come together to support Beehive Baking Company after accident

Sending our best wishes + speedy recovery to Sarah after her car accident. Photo via Beehive Baking Co’s Facebook

Recently, Beehive Baking Company‘s owner, Sarah, was involved in an unfortunate car accident and is documenting her experience on Instagram. Of course, her health comes first and one of Birmingham’s favorite bakeries is taking a hiatus. See how local businesses are lending a helping hand and how you can get involved.

Sending love to Sarah + Beehive Baking Co.

Sarah and Caeden, owners of Beehive Baking Co. Photo via Beehive Baking Co’s Facebook

No one expects to have their life come to a halt, but we never know what’s in store for the future. A few days ago, owner of Beehive Baking Co., Sarah, was hit by a driver who ran a red light. Thankfully, first responders were fast to the scene and able to get her to the emergency room quickly.

As Sarah goes through surgery and begins recovery, Beehive Baking Co. is taking an indefinite hiatus. In true Birmingham fashion, local businesses have begun efforts to help support them during this difficult time.

Church Street Coffee & Books Start a GoFundMe

Church Street Coffee & Books. Photo via Pat Byington for Bham Now

Did you know that Sarah and her husband Caedan are Church Street‘s lead bakers? To help support the talented duo, the team at Church Street began a GoFundMe on their behalf to help relieve some of their financial burden, including home therapy equipment, wheelchair, loss of wages and more.

“Sarah is one of the most honest, dependable employees I’ve ever had. She really cares. She cares to do a good job for our family at the store. People like that are hard to find. And she does a great job. I mean, she started her own baking company!”

Cal Morris, Owner, Church Street Coffee

If Beehive Baking Company has a special place in your heart—or stomach—you can donate to their GoFundMe here.

Yellowhammer Creative Helps with 100% Donation from Local Series

100% of the shirt’s profit goes to support Sarah and Caeden. Photo via Yellowhammer Creative’s Facebook

The love for the owners of Beehive Baking Co. spans around Birmingham. As part of Yellowhammer Creative‘s ongoing Locals Series, they created a T-shirt to support the bakery.

There is one difference about this particular shirt, though. Usually shirts for the Locals Series can only be pre-ordered. But because the pre-order for Beehive Baking Co. ended just days before Sarah’s accident, many people reached out to Yellowhammer Creative asking if the pre-order could be extended to show extra support.

In response, Yellowhammer Creative decided to donate 100% of the profits from the T-shirt’s sales to Beehive Baking Co. They’re also printing extra shirts for Sarah and Caeden to sell on their website as well as at Church Street Coffee.

You can stay up to date + follow Sarah’s road to recovery on Beehive Baking Co.’s Instagram. We’re wishing Sarah and Caeden the best.

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