New bar, Pago Pago, planned for Urban Supply development this year

A rendering shows plans for the new Pago Pago bar in Parkside. Project representatives said the tall sign depicted in the renderings most likely will not be part of the final project.
A rendering of the upcoming Pago Pago bar at Urban Supply. Photo via Poole & Company Architects, LLC, originally published in the Birmingham Business Journal

Big news for Parkside. Pago Pago, a Polynesian-themed bar at the highly-anticipated Urban Supply mixed-use development, is set to open later this year. Here’s what we know about the project.

The First Opening at Urban Supply

Urban Supply
Parkside is about to get even cooler. Rendering via Orchestra Partners

In August of 2020, we learned that Orchestra Partners were planning a massive new mixed-use development in Parkside. Known as Urban Supply, this development will be a big leap forward in Parkside’s transformation into a mixed-use entertainment district.

Once complete, Urban Supply will offer 100,000+ square-feet of commercial & retail space, perfect for restaurants, bars, markets, fitness centers and more. The development is a big portion of the overarching Parkside Master Plan, which aims to improve walkability and functionality in the area. Think of it as Railroad Park: Part Two!

Enter Pago Pago

The bar is located near Good People Brewing.
A rendering of the upcoming Pago Pago bar at Urban Supply. Photo via Poole & Company Architects, LLC, originally published in the Birmingham Business Journal

Now, Orchestra Partners has announced their plans for the first part of Urban Supply: Pago Pago (pronounced pei·gow pei·gow). This Polynesian-themed bar will be made up of two, 20-foot shipping containers stacked side-by-side. Once complete, Pago Pago will be located at 13th Street South and the alley between 1st Avenue South and 2nd Avenue South.

“Like many Orchestra Partner experiences, Pago Pago will be an outdoor-friendly destination that gives our community a safe space to gather. The bar’s location within Urban Supply will also help link the Denham building and points west to Railroad Park and Regions Field.

Stay tuned for more details about both Pago Pago and the exciting progress and activities that will take place at Urban Supply this spring and summer!”

Hunter Renfroe, Principal and Co-Founder at Orchestra Partners

So what should we expect? According to the Birmingham Business Journal, Orchestra Partners plan to open Pago Pago in the next few months. In addition to Pago Pago, Orchestra Partners will be starting construction of the larger Urban Supply development early this year.

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