Meet the Altamont School alum who had a 3-day winning streak on Jeopardy

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Altamont alum Lucy Ricketts on “Jeopardy”. Photo via The Altamont School

Who is the Birminghamian who had a three-day winning streak on the game show Jeopardy? Meet Lucy Ricketts, The Altamont School alum and impressive game show player who won $79,499. Keep reading to learn about her unique experience and about her time in Birmingham.

From quarantine to Jeopardy

While some of us were making banana bread and trying out the latest TikTok trends during 2020’s pandemic lockdown, Lucy Ricketts was on her way to being cast on Jeopardy. After passing several rounds of testing and interviewing, she was placed in the contestant lottery for the next 18 months.

If this was the actual lottery, Lucy would’ve hit the jackpot because just two weeks later she was called by producers to join the show for taping at the end of November.

Her episode aired January 12. This taping was very different from the past shows as it was the first episode hosted by Ken Jennings and the first day in the studio after Alex Trebek’s passing.

How The Altamont School Inspired Lucy

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Say hello to my alma mater. Photo via The Altamont School

Lucy Ricketts attended Altamont for her last two years of high school and, as a fellow alum, let’s just say those last two years can be challenging, but in the best way possible.

“My favorite part of my time at Altamont would have to be the positive relationships with all of my teachers, who were always able to bring out the best in me as a student and didn’t give up on encouraging and supporting me. High school is a tough time. My teachers at Altamont helped keep me going forward and developing that love of learning along the way, which is still so important to my life today”.

Lucy Ricketts, Former Student, The Altamont School

If you’ve ever wanted to show off your trivia skills on national television, Lucy highly recommends it. Having a three-day streak is another question, but who knows? Maybe you can go just as far or farther than Lucy on Jeopardy.

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Want to read the full interview with Lucy and her experience? Check out her story on The Altamont School’s website.

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