Homewood to vote on Green Springs Highway facelift. Here are the details.

Green Springs Highway
Rendering at the Green Springs Highway Public meeting at Homewood City Hall held on march 10, 2020. Photo via Pat Byington for Bham Now

A segment of Green Springs Highway, one of the Birmingham areas’ busiest arterials is under consideration for a facelift by the Homewood City Council.

“The project will install complete streets improvements on Green Springs through adding bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure, as well as adding a median to improve safety.  These improvements along with new landscaping will transform Green Springs Highway to feel more like a boulevard in design,” stated Nick Sims, Homewood City Councilor in an email to Bham Now.

According to the city, the improvements will also help people safely cross one of Homewood’s most traveled roadways.  

Upcoming Vote

Green Springs Highway
Green Springs Highway in Homewood Phase 1 plan. Screenshot of the conceptual map on the city of Homewood website

On Monday evening, January 11th, the Homewood City Council will consider whether to approve and enter into a contract on Phase 1 of the project. This stage of the project  is landscaping only. It includes the southern segment of Green Springs from the intersection of Broadway south to Berry Road.

If passed, the total cost of the Phase 1 Green Spring improvement is $169,000 and is expected to be finished in the Spring of 2021.

Next Up Phase 2

Green Springs Highway
Green Springs Highway in Homewood at the corner of Oxmoor. Screenshot of the Kimley-Horn conceptual map of Green Springs from the city of Homewood website

Conceptual plans for Phase 2 of the Homewood Green Springs Highway project was drawn up for the city of Homewood by the firm – Kimley Horn. It does not have all the possible engineering work that will be needed to implement it.  Phase 2 will involve improvements in the roadway starting at Broadway and going north to Oxmoor. The city intends to have Phase 2 go out for bid by March 2021. Check out the existing vs. proposed comparison.

All of this work was made possible back in 2019 when the City of Homewood and ALDOT swapped jurisdiction of Green Springs from ALDOT to the City of Homewood. The project is being coordinated by the City of Homewood who has approved $2.25 million for the project.

Why this Matters

Green Springs Highway Food Trail
Green Springs Food Trail graphic. Photo via Nick Sims

If you have ever tried to travel across Green Springs Highway, it is downright hostile for runners, walkers and cyclists.

“These improvements will make Green Springs safer and more accessible for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists; and, better connect West Homewood and Edgewood” added Councilor Sims. “This project will benefit Homewood residents with improved access to Hall Kent, Patriot Park, the Lakeshore Trail and local businesses. Green Springs is an important commercial corridor to our City, and these transportation improvements should increase its vitality in support of existing businesses, as well as attract new business.” 

Sims is also excited about the potential  branding Green Springs as an International Corridor or Food Trail. 

“The Green Springs corridor must be celebrated for its diversity and viewed through the lens of tremendous opportunity. I would love a Green Springs ‘food trail’ highlighting all of the family-owned restaurants and markets that attract so many to the area.” 

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