See what put UAB towards the top of US New’s best universities list

UAB Campus 2 2048x1365 2 e1602704901636 See what put UAB towards the top of US New's best universities list
UAB ranks high among global universities for infectious diseases. Photo via Bham Now

Recently, US News & World Report released their list of best global universities for infectious diseases. On a list made up of nearly 1,500 institutions, across 86 countries, the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) can be found high on the list at #37. Here’s a look at how Alabama’s largest employer earned their spot among some of the top universities in the world.

UAB is constantly impressing us with their research and efforts. Above all, it’s their healthcare workers that are true superheroes—minus the cape, of course. But while a lot of us in Birmingham know just how hard UAB works to keep our community healthy, it’s always impressive to see them get national and international accolades.

So how did UAB make it so far up the international list of best global universities for infectious diseases?

uabscrubs See what put UAB towards the top of US New's best universities list
Turns out that heroes actually wear scrubs. Photo via University of Alabama in Birmingham

The overall goal of the list is to allow people to see how universities compare globally. The criteria for the list is more than my brain can comprehend, but it helps with things like:

  • Students looking to enroll in universities who want to know the schools’ academic research and overall reputation
  • Providing insight on how US universities stand globally
  • Making universities become more visible on a global stage and exposing them to potential collaboration opportunities with others
The first COVID vaccines arriving at UAB
The first COVID vaccines arrived at UAB yesterday, December 15. Photo via UAB

With an overall score of 66.5 out of 100, UAB’s recognition is well deserved, especially with their response to COVID-19. As soon as the virus was considered a pandemic, UAB went into full force to help fight the virus.

We’ve followed UAB along the way while they were leading vaccine development and, of course, during the groundbreaking day they received the much-anticipated Pfizer vaccine. With all of their accomplishments, we’re not surprised to see them leading in infectious disease efforts.

Want a complete rundown of how UAB made it to #37 on the best global universities list? Find it here.

While we’re here, we might as well plug UAB’s other national accolades.

UAB Hospital See what put UAB towards the top of US New's best universities list
UAB Hospital named one of the best hospitals in America by Healthgrades. Photo by Pat Byington for Bham Now

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