Your cheat sheet to 5 holiday wines you should bring to the table this year


holiday wines
This can be a daunting site when choosing holiday wines, but Red or White is making it easy for us this year. Photo via Matthew Niblett for Bham Now

It’s time to read between the wines—picking out the ideal holiday wines for parties and dinners this season is an unfairly labeled stressful task. If you’re ready to pop the cork, but the wine aisle is starting to look like a math problem, turn to the experts at Birmingham’s Red or White.

Order holiday wines online, pick up in-store

Holidays are stressful; drinking wine is the fun part. Order your holiday wines from Red or White and swing by their shop in Forest Park on the way to your event.

  • Where: 3916 Clairmont Ave, Birmingham, AL 35222
  • Hours: Sunday-Monday, 12-5PM | Tuesday–Saturday, 10AM-7PM

1. Indigenous Prosecco when you really have no idea

holiday wines
I’ll never turn down a glass of bubbly during the holidays. Photo via Red or White

Pro-tip 101: you can never go wrong with Prosecco. It’s liquid sunshine. Plus, you don’t need to be sipping on the Seine to have an appreciation for its celebratory notions. The best part is a nice bottle won’t run you a plane ticket price to Italy.

2. Brocard St Claire if it’s for the gang

Perfect for sharing with friends. Photo via Red or White

There may be more Friendsgivings than ever this year considering travel is off the table, but wine isn’t. Chablis is a refreshing choice for a laid-back vibe. A glass leaves no room for complaints, except toward whoever added raisins to the charcuterie board.

3. Impress the party with Alma de Cattleya from Sonoma

Red wine is pretty much a food group in my family. Photo via Red or White

Okay, so you’re here to impress. Cousin Lenny can pack up his acoustic set, because this wine will be a slam dunk at dinner. It’s bold, like your uncle’s political opinions, with acidity and red fruit.

4. For the only members of the party you actually like? An elegant Zin

Save this one for the guests who you’re actually glad are there, or yourself…Photo via Red or White

Hey, don’t forget about yourself. Giving the gift of wine is great, but we all know to save the good stuff for ourselves.

Once it’s time to clean up, turn on the tunes and take out the expensive glassware for a Zinfandel nightcap. Choose Ridge or Seghesio for a special experience. And, if it’s Thanksgiving, you’ll feel extra patriotic drinking an American wine.

5. When you like your holiday wines totally unique

holiday wines
You can never go wrong with a red blend. Photo via Red or White

Not a fan of Zin? Try Red or White owner Randy Williams’ Randolph’s red. Randy made the Merlot/Cabernet Sauvignon blend with a friend in his original home state of Washington.

Still not sure? Swing by the shop and get advice from the pros about which holiday wines are best 🍷

Find holiday wines at Red or White
Who wouldn’t want an opportunity to visit the most charming neighborhood in Birmingham? Photo via Matthew Niblett for Bham Now

Holiday chaos aside, wine is the one thing guaranteed to go right. If you’re still unsure what’s going to be in-law approved, your local neighborhood wine shop will take care of you.

  • Where: 3916 Clairmont Ave, Birmingham, AL 35222
  • Hours: Sunday-Monday, 12-5PM | Tuesday–Saturday, 10AM-7PM

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