Shop local + win big this holiday season during REV Birmingham’s Great Receipt Race


Great Receipt Race how to 1 Shop local + win big this holiday season during REV Birmingham's Great Receipt Race
Ready. Set. Go, Bham! Photo via REV Birmingham

Let’s admit it. The holidays are right around the corner and we’ve got some gift shopping to catch up on so why not keep things local? Through December 31st, if you participate in REV Birmingham’s Great Receipt Race you’ll have the chance to win $100 in local gift cards every week. Keep reading to learn how you can get a little extra dough in our pockets.

A race to ring local registers

Birmingham, meet the easiest race you’ll ever compete in—The Great Receipt Race! No sweat and no preparation needed. All you need is the will to shop ’til you drop and your phone. The best part? It’s all to support the wonderful local businesses that make up the fabric of our Magic City.

Since the holidays are right around the corner, why not get everything on your list from a Birmingham business? Not only will it be one of a kind, but you’ll have a hand in helping local businesses rebound from the impacts of COVID-19.

Your 5 steps to the finish line


Visit your favorite local restaurant or business in the City of Birmingham whether that be in-person or online and make your purchase.


Snap a photo of your paper receipt, or, if you get a receipt via email or text, take a screenshot on your phone.


Text RACE to 267-textREV (that’s 267-839-8738) to enter the race.


Send a photo of your receipt from a local business.

Bonus tip 💡

Save the number (267-839-8738) in your phone to make it easy to keep playing.

Repeat these steps as many times as you’d like to increase your chances of winning their weekly $100 gift card prize!

Keep an eye out for this local art

Erin Leann Mitchell GRR poster artist 1 Shop local + win big this holiday season during REV Birmingham's Great Receipt Race
Be on the lookout for Erin’s design in local store windows. Photo via REV Birmingham

What’s a race without some awesome branding? Of course, REV Birmingham kept things local and partnered with artist Erin LeAnn Mitchell to create this year’s Great Receipt Race poster.

If you haven’t heard of Erin, it’s time to put her on your radar. The Alabama School of Fine Arts grad gained worldwide recognition when her art was featured on the hit Fox Television series Empire in 2018. Since then she has painted her first mural in Ensley and created a portrait of activist Dr. Angela Davis for the Birmingham Committee of Truth and Reconciliation.

Shop, play + win because #BhamNeedsYou

Mural Birmingham 1 Shop local + win big this holiday season during REV Birmingham's Great Receipt Race
It sure is nice to have these great local businesses in Bham. Photo via Bham Now

I don’t know if you’ve noticed or not, but we’re still in the midst of a global pandemic. Who would’ve thought this would be our new normal?! I sure didn’t and I’m sure small businesses can say the same.

By participating in the Great Receipt Race, you’re doing your part in creating a more lively, vibrant Birmingham. Whether you like shopping online from the comfort of your own home or visiting a local shop you’ve been eyeing on Instagram, taking that extra step to show support goes a long way.

You have until December 31st, so go ahead and get to shopping. At the end of each week, REV will give away a $100 gift card to the local business of your choosing. If you’re a bit indecisive like me, you can choose up to four local businesses to split the $100 gift card prize between.

Check out these guides to local Bham businesses to get you started:

You’re going to obsess over some of these amazing local shops, but it’s important to note that the Great Receipt Race applies to businesses in the City of Birmingham only rather than the larger metro area.

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