New townhomes making their way to Homewood

hmwd townhomes New townhomes making their way to Homewood
Exciting new townhome development in the works for Homewood. Photo via Fifth Dimension Architecture

If you live in or drive through Homewood, your daily commute may start to look a lot different. According to Homewood Star, a new townhome development could be headed to 18th Street South next year. Keep reading to learn more about this exciting new project in the works.

To make things simple, I’ll explain the what, where and when of this new townhome development coming to Homewood.


An eight-unit townhome project is coming to 18th Street South. The plan is to build eight angled units that’ll each feature 3 stories making each unit about 30 feet tall.

John Abernathy, President of Blackwater Resources, presented the townhome plans to the Planning Commission. Every townhome will feature a parking garage on the bottom floor with seven units built with a one-bedroom floor plan and the eighth unit built with a two-bedroom floor plan.

The developers are hoping to attract retirees, single-parent households, empty nesters and roommates. Rent for each unit will be around $2,500-$3000 a month.


18th Street South can be a bit vague when talking about location. The townhomes will be located right below Vulcan as you’re approaching the SOHO area and main shopping strip in Downtown Homewood.

Screenshot 2020 11 11 at 11.56.30 AM New townhomes making their way to Homewood
Site of new townhome development in Homewood. Screenshot taken from Google Maps

For example, if you’re leaving Vulcan and headed down 18th Street South, it’ll be on your right once you pass Walgreens and Jefferson County Schools.

The upcoming project will definitely bring some life into this blighted area. Right now the property sits vacant and presents the perfect opportunity to introduce new development.

“I personally like that it is at the entryway into Homewood from Birmingham. Both Homewood, with our 18th Street beautification project ongoing right now, and Birmingham with its future Complete Streets plan approaching Vulcan and Homewood, are working to improve this thoroughfare and this project complements these upgrades nicely. “

Councilor Jennifer Andress


We’re not really positive about a completion date, but according to Councilor Jennifer Andress, the project will head to the City Council for approval soon. It’s anticipated that the project will begin construction by Spring 2021.

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