Cheers or Jeers. Your Post-Election Recovery Guide

Fourth Avenue Moving Forward
“It’s important to understand where we have come from, so that we can decide and understand, where & why we want to go” – E.L. Chisolm | via @elcreativ.e

Red or Blue, Win or lose, this past week has been heated and we’re finally all ready to cool off. If there’s ever been a time for turning our focus on comfort and taking care of our mind, body, and soul – it’s now. You better believe Birmingham has just what ya need…

Like Harvey Like Son Trailer
Heartfelt story of family and adventure | via @likeharveylikeson

Flip the Channel

Now that we can finally peel ourselves from the news channel, let’s flip into a film with Sidewalk. COVID cautious, they’re taking all of the necessary health and safety steps including socially distant seating, temperature checks, and a mask mandate for all viewings. 

This weekend they’re showing four fantastic films including “Like Harvey, Like Son” the story of a school teacher from Cincinnati who challenges himself to have the Fastest Known Time on the Appalachian Trail alongside his crew chief and 78 year old dad. 

  • Check out all viewings for the weekend here
  • Website:
  • Address: Lower Level of The Pizitz | 1821 2nd Ave. N., Birmingham, AL 35203

Sweating off the Swing Stress

Sunrise View from Ruffner Mountain
Early Risers can catch sunrises like this one at Ruffner Mountain | via Roots Rated

Do a sit-up for every time you heard the word Swing State this week and you’ll probably be set already, but if not let your body rid itself of all its toxins and get your sweat on!

  • Ignite Cycle has its brand new location @The Dock where you can enjoy the same cycling ride you know and love but in an open air space right down the street from its Pepper Place home
  • Get ALLLL that election frustration out and hit some bags with Battle Republic. On-demand or at the gym, Battle Republic is offering their fighters the option to hit from wherever you’re comfortable. 
  • Nothing beats some good old fresh air, so go meet up at the trails. Our lovely content producer Beth wrote this awesome guide on some of Birmingham’s best local hikes. Take a buddy, get your hiking boots on, and go enjoy some of Alabama’s natural beauty.  

Supreme Self Care 

Soaps from Domicile
Smellovision | via @domicile_homewood

You are your own highest court and your health and wellness deserves to have a vote too! Treat yo’ self with some of Birminghams local business and reach the level of serenity you’ve been wishing for all week. 

  • Domicile in Homewood has everything you need for a relaxing day at home, from bath salts, essential oil aromatherapy, candles, CBD tinctures, and literally everything else you need for the ultimate wellness day. 
  • Instagram: @domicile_homewood
  • Website:
  • Address: 2900 18th Street South, Suite 105 Homewood, Alabama

To Close to Cook

Mexican Food
Can mail-in margaritas be a thing? | via @stellaoliviabites

I completely get it, cooking = cleaning which means you’ve indirectly conceded your self-care weekend and nothing could be worse. Luckily your Birmingham favorites are open and ready to make you the comfort meal you’ve been craving. 

Big Bowl of Bettola Pasta
Conceding to comfort food | via @bettolabhm

Conceding to comfort food | via @bettolabhm

If you love the small businesses, restaurants and local hot spots listed here, you’ll be ecstatic to know that Bham Now keeps a database of over 600 local food spots and businesses that are sure to have you proclaiming victory to everyone you know. 

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