Craving something sweet? Here are 6 places to grab dessert in Hoover, Alabama

Display case of donuts and cakes from Dreamcakes cafe in Hoover, AL
Need a pick-me-up? Look no further. Photo via Dreamcakes Cafe

Maybe it’s the fact that Halloween is almost here, or maybe 2020 has taught me to eat dessert first, but no matter the reason, I have got a major sweet tooth! Are you feeling the same? Here are 6 places to grab dessert in Hoover, Alabama.

1. Ivory LeShore’s Gourmet Bread Pudding and Cheesecakes

Cake covered in caramel drizzle from Ivory LeShore's Gourmet
This dessert might look too good to be true, so you should order one to see for yourself. Photo via Ivory LEShore’s

If you’re looking for a place to grab dessert that’s different from your typical cupcake or ice cream, check out Ivory LeShore’s. Enjoy uniquely flavored bread puddings, like their highly requested white chocolate, or choose apple cinnamon for a dessert that’s perfect for fall. 

Not in the mood for bread pudding? Try out their creamy cheesecakes.

A bonus of Ivory LeShore’s? They offer online ordering, so you can get delicious desserts without leaving your couch. Keep up with their Facebook to stay updated on where their food truck will be located.

2. Santos Coffee Hoover

Sweet crepes with chocolate drizzle from Santos Coffee
Does this photo make you want to plan a trip to Santos ASAP? Same. Photo via Santos

When you’re thinking of desserts, you might not think about heading to a coffee shop… but that is a mistake. Santos Coffee isn’t just one of my favorite places to grab coffee, it’s also my go-to when I want delicious crepes.

With options like cinnamon butter or banana, strawberry and chocolate (my favorite), you can’t go wrong. Next time you need to treat yourself, head to Santos for a caffeine and sweet treat fix. 

3. La Sabrosita Ice Cream Shop

Frozen mango drink with slices of mango and chili powder from La Sabrosita
This mangonada is calling your name. Photo via Sabrosita on Waitr

A perk of fall days in Birmingham? When it’s sunny, it’s still warm enough to eat ice cream. Head to La Sabrosita to get your fill of unique desserts.

If you aren’t craving ice cream, try one of their flavored aguas frescas, their fried plantains, or their mangonada—a frozen drink with mango slices and chili powder.

  • Location: 3702 Lorna Rd, Hoover, AL 35244
  • Facebook

4. CakEffect

Rows of different flavored cupcakes from CakEffect, dessert place in Hoover, AL
Since these are cupcakes, it only makes sense to eat three or four. Photo via CakEffect

When you want something sweet, there is nothing like a flavorful cake. Komeh O. Davis started CakEffect in 2011, and for almost 10 years, she has been brightening people’s days with delicious treats.

Want to make your Friday meetings more fun? Bring some cupcakes in flavors like Banana Pudding, a banana cake cupcake filled with moist banana pudding, or Strawberry Supreme. Or, try one of their Kozies, gourmet cookies filled with buttercream frosting. 

5. Dreamcakes Cafe 

Variety of colorful donuts at Dreamcakes Cafe, dessert place in Hoover, AL
I donut know about you, but this photo is what my dreams are made of. Photo via Dreamcakes Cafe

Don’t let the name fool you—Dreamcakes offers a wide variety of sweet treats, including cakes, ice cream, macarons, coffee drinks, and more. 

Their Hoover location is less than a year old, but we’re already big fans. Check out their Ross Bridge storefront on your lunch break, and be sure to grab enough desserts to last until it’s time to clock out.

6. Nana Bakes

Photo of six jars with red velvet cake and cream cheese frosting layers from Nana Bakes, dessert place in Hoover
These jars of sweet treats will make you the most loved person in any room. Photo via Nana Bakes

One look at the desserts from Nana Bakes, and you’ll be drooling and making plans to visit ASAP. At Nana Bakes, you can get “a little lovin’ from Nana’s oven” and I don’t know about you, but that’s exactly what I need. 

They have your typical choices like brownies and chocolate chip cookies, but you can also switch your routine. Order cinnamon roll cookies, cosmic creamy brownies, or mason jars layered with all your favorite treats.

To order your Nana Bakes dessert, contact them to reserve a cake or baked good for delivery.

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