5 ways decluttering with Closets by Design can help you get ready for the holidays now


A home organized with built-ins from Closets by Design and also holiday decorations - you can get busy decluttering now
Imagine your home all nice and tidy with the holiday decorations in place. Photo via Closets by Design Central Alabama’s Facebook page

With Halloween fast approaching, who isn’t thinking about decorating for the holidays? It’s hard to imagine bringing out the holiday decorations, though, when the house is full of too many things to look at. Follow these five decluttering steps now with help from Closets by Design Central Alabama.

1. Picture how beautiful your home will look once you’ve decorated for the holidays

One of the first things to do when you’re ready to declutter your space it to identify your why. What is motivating you to want to clean up and clear out? What would you like to do with the time and space you’ll free up?

Once you get clear on all why you want to declutter and organize, check out this piece on how to KonMari your space. And in the meantime, picture how lovely your space will feel once the decorations are out and you can get into the spirit of the holidays.

2. When your living spaces have a place for everything, you can relax and enjoy the holidays

Seven months into working while virtually schooling two elementary school-aged kids, I can attest to how utterly un-relaxing clutter is.

But I also know what a difference it makes when you really get clear about the purpose of a space and then remove everything that doesn’t fulfill that room’s purpose.

Built-ins like these from Closets by Design Central Alabama can help make the purpose of a room crystal clear. Ready for one of their designers to help you? Give them a call at (866) 758-1967 today.

3. High levels of organization make entertaining a breeze

Whether your holidays will be intimate or social, having the right organizational systems in place make entertaining simple. With everything right at your fingertips, you can focus on your guests.

This way, you can enjoy those rare precious moments together in a year that’s been short on shared memories with others.

4. Closets prevent messes + leave room for fun

A lot of people have room in their houses for storage that they simply haven’t tapped yet. Closets by Design Central Alabama’s talented designers are great at finding ways to maximize those spaces.

Once you have your closets built, whether they’re on a wall, under a stair or somewhere else, you will have room to store all your things with style.

Serenity now.

5. Garage organization systems cut clutter + provide optimal places to store holiday decorations

When the garage is organized, there’s a feeling of ease and order that comes over the whole house.

Custom-built cabinets can provide a place to store all your holiday decorations so they’re easy to put out each year. The right storage spaces also make it very easy to put the decorations away at the end of the season.

Let Closets by Design create the right storage spaces so you can enjoy the holidays this year. Visit them on their website, or give them a call at (866) 758-1967.

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