Making weekend plans? Here are 6 Birmingham clay shooting ranges you’ll love

bham now 2 Making weekend plans? Here are 6 Birmingham clay shooting ranges you'll love

2020 has been full of uncertainty, and you’re probably looking for some major stress relief. Today, we’re not talking yoga or spa days…we’re talking clay shooting. If you’re looking for a way to spend your Saturday, you’ll love these 6 Birmingham clay shooting ranges—all less than two hours away.

Did you know there were multiple clay shooting ranges to choose from?

If you’ve never been clay shooting before and you’re looking for a way to get outdoors to enjoy the cool weather, now’s the perfect time. Or if you’re experienced and looking for a new range, you’ll love these six options.

If you’re a novice, here’s a quick rundown of need-to-know clay shooting phrases:

  • Clay shooting: Clay shooting is a sport that usually involves shooting a firearm at clay targets.
  • Skeet shooting; Skeet shooting is one of the three categories of clay shooting. When skeet shooting, participants use shotguns to try to break clay targets that are mechanically thrown from two fixed locations.
  • Trap shooting: In trap shooting, targets are launched from one machine.
  • Sporting clays: Sporting clays is sometimes called “golf with a shotgun”. In sporting clays, participants take part in a course of 10 to 15 shooting stations.
  • Five stand: Five stand features five stations with target launchers all around them.

1. CMP Talladega Marksmanship Park

AL State Sporting Clay Champ Sep 202031990880 Unknown Making weekend plans? Here are 6 Birmingham clay shooting ranges you'll love
Enjoy the cool weather and free Saturdays with clay shooting or competitions like this one—the Alabama State Sporting Clay Championship. Photo via CMP Talladega Marksmanship Park

CMP Talladega Marksmanship Park is “the home of marksmanship” and with a location that’s open to the public, you can make it your go-to park.

The 500-acre range facility is perfect for experienced shooters and beginners, and you can save time thanks to electronic targets—no need to go back and forth picking up fallen paper targets.

2. Orvis Sporting Grounds at Pursell Farms

Man aiming his gun with a cloudy blue sky in the background at Orvis Sporting Grounds - Birmingham clay shooting ranges
A sky as pretty as a postcard + a farm full of great activities, including clay shooting = the perfect weekend. Photo via Orvis Sporting Grounds at Pursell Farms

Looking for a weekend getaway for the family—but not everyone is a fan of clay shooting? Head to Pursell Farms in Sylacauga.

The Farms are full of activities, from golf to a spa to, of course, an excellent clay shooting experience. Their course offers 15 unique stations, all in a stunning setting.

3. Selwood Farm

Women shooting a round of sporting clays outside
Say goodbye to your typical weekend and hello to the sporting clay experience of your dreams. Photo via Selwood Farm

Selwood Farm is less than an hour from Birmingham, but you’ll feel like you’re in a completely new setting when you arrive. You can take a lesson or enjoy a round of sporting clays, but one thing’s for sure—you’ll feel at home.

4. Lower Wetumpka Shotgun Sports Club

5 Stand Lower Wetumpka Making weekend plans? Here are 6 Birmingham clay shooting ranges you'll love
A 5 stand with a view of a perfect sunset? Check. Photo via Lower Wetumpka Shotgun Sports Club

Looking for an event venue for a corporate retreat or wedding party? Look no further than the Lower Wetumpka Shotgun Sports Club. The Club will be a great location for experienced shooters and novices alike.

5. Red Eagle Skeet and Trap Club

One man aiming his gun while others stand in line behind him at Red Eagle Skeet and Trap Club
Skeet shooting, trap shooting, and five stand, oh my. Photo via Red Eagle Skeet and Trap Club

Just outside of Birmingham, Red Eagle Skeet and Trap Club offers guests the chance to skeet shoot, trap, and five stand.

Red Eagle is open to the general public Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and they’re open to members every day. Plus, Alabama residents with a hunting or fishing license will receive a discount on their ticket.

  • Location: 332 Hollywood Boulevard, Childersburg, AL, 35044
  • Website | Facebook

6. Magic City Gun Club

Young girl laying down while aiming her gun at a Birmingham clay shooting range - Magic City Gun Club
The MGCC Junior Rifle Team showing us all how it’s done. Photo via Magic City Gun Club

Want a clay shooting experience that lasts longer than a weekend? Then you’ll want a membership to Magic City Gun Club.

The Magic City Gun Club is a private club that offers NRA and club matches in a variety of shooting sports: pistol, high power, smallbore, and trap.

They mainly offer rifle shooting, but they do have trap shooting on Sundays.

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