Enjoy the outdoors this fall with 6 fun community sports in Birmingham, including beach volleyball

bham now 1 Enjoy the outdoors this fall with 6 fun community sports in Birmingham, including beach volleyball

The temperatures are finally cooling down, and we’re celebrating by spending as much time outside as possible! Whether you want to watch or join, add these 6 community sports in Birmingham to your calendar to enjoy the weather and get some exercise.

1. Wiffle Ball

Women playing wiffle ball on a field - community sports in Birmingham
Bluff Park Women’s Wiffle Ball League. Photo via Pat Byington for Bham Now

If you aren’t familiar with wiffle ball, think of softball or baseball with a plastic ball! Birmingham is full leagues, like the Bluff Park Women’s Wiffle Ball League and a league in Ross Bridge which played their All Star game on September 19.

If you’re looking for a fun way to get some exercise, bond with your neighbors and enjoy the fresh air, consider starting your own neighborhood wiffle ball league.

2. Beach Volleyball

Large group of people posing for a photo on a beach volleyball court
Birmingham Beach Adult Volleyball is bringing our favorite sandy beaches to Birmingham. Photo via Birmingham Beach Adult Volleyball

If you’re missing the feeling of your toes in the sand, get the next best thing with beach volleyball. Birmingham Beach Adult Volleyball is a group of beach volleyball fanatics who meet up for impromptu games or tournaments.

Ready to start your beach volleyball career now? Brew Hops is hosting their September beach volleyball tournament on Sunday, September 27 from 12-8PM at SideBar. Register here, or enjoy drinks and the game with friends.

3. Alabama Cornhole

Lineup of people playing cornhole with viewers in tents - community sports in Birmingham
This pre-social distancing photo of the Alabama Cornhole Club reminds me how much I love cornhole… even though I’m not good at it. Photo via Alabama Cornhole Club

You don’t have to save cornhole for fall fairs or tailgates—make cornhole a part of your weekly tradition with the Alabama Cornhole Club.

With events throughout Alabama every Saturday (including one in Cullman on Saturday, October 3), you’ll never run out of chances to practice and perfect your cornhole game.

4. Community Yoga

3 young children in restful yoga poses outside on colorful yoga mats
Say goodbye to 2020 stress in 3… 2… 1… Ahhh. Photo via Birmingham Botanical Gardens

2020 got you stressed? Relieve the pressure with a yoga class. There are tons of yoga classes in Birmingham, so grab a friend or family member and plan for some outdoor stress relief.

Enjoy family yoga at Birmingham Botanical Gardens one Saturday a month (including September 26 and October 10). 

5. Rock Climbing

Man climbing up a rock wall outside - community sports in Birmingham
Good weather + a good workout = a great weekend. Photo via High Point Climbing and Fitness Birmingham

Take your indoor rock climbing outdoors with High Point Climbing and Fitness Birmingham’s “Gym to Crag” series. Once a month, you can register and join their outdoor guides for a full day of outdoor climbing.

On October 10, enjoy the great weather and strengthen your climbing skills for a rockin’ day. 

6. Biking in Birmingham

There’s nothing better than the feel of the cool fall breeze while you bike around your city, and biking with your friends only makes it better. Birmingham is full of amazing trails to bike, and there are even groups that plan events to bike together.

Check out the Birmingham Ride Finder to join a group ride or to invite friends, or ride with the social group Le Tour de Ham. No matter what group you join or what trail you ride, you’ll love biking through Birmingham.

Are you a part of any community sports in Birmingham? Let us know by tagging @BhamNow!

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