Sign up to make your own pops with Steel City Pops—first class Oct. 16

pop-making at Steel City Pops
Do you wish you were having as much fun as they’re having? Yeah, me too. Photo via Steel City Pops

I’m not sure there’s an occasion in life, that isn’t brightened up with the infusion of a little love from Steel City Pops. Starting October 16, they’ll be offering their first-ever in-person pop-making classes in Birmingham, and you’re invited. Keep reading for all the details.

Who doesn’t love Steel City Pops?

Custom pops for a wedding at Steel City Pops
Look: it’s a wedding pop. “Love is sweet.” Photo via Steel City Pops

I mean, seriously. With so many yummy flavors, they’ve got something for everyone. Prefer icy fruity pops? Check. Prefer chocolate or creamy flavors? Check. Like your pops with a little cookie crunch and some indulgent swirls of sweetness? Check. Thanks to a partnership with The Joyful Food Co., they’ve even made sure that everything on offer is good for the gluten-free crowd.

The Steel City Pops team decided to share their mad skillz with the rest of us

Planning pop-making classes at Steel City Pops
Planning pop-making classes is serious business. Photo via Steel City Pops

Starting in October, pop fans in Alabama, Kentucky and Texas will be able to try their hand at making their own Steel City Pops-inspired creations. Mark your calendar now: Alabama’s first class is October 16, and you’ll be able to sign up here soon.

Look for a new tab under ‘Book Us’ for Pop-making classes. There, you’ll find a form to book your class.

Here’s what to expect

Custom pops at Steel City Pops
Not only do you get to make your own custom-label pops—you get to take them home with you, too. Photo via Steel City Pops

Learn the art of making a pop from start to finish, with a couple of fan-favorite flavors to choose from. You even get a special sticker to package them up, which is kind of awesome, because you get to take home all the pops you make.

If you’re looking for a fun way to celebrate a birthday, a bridal shower, baby shower, girls night out or other special occasion, you heard about it here first. 🙌🏽


  • Singles: $50
  • Couples: $90
  • Group classes: special prices
  • Kid-friendly classes: special prices

Class length: two hours

Playing it safe: #maskup and #gloveson

Let’s face it: nobody wants to get COVID while making pops with friends. Seriously.

So, wear your mask—it’s required. Need something new and fashionable for the occasion? Here are nine local Etsy shops that can hook you up. Or, you can check out Amparo Creative House for an unmatched lineup of masks inspired by some of Birmingham’s best and brightest artists and poets.

Price of admission includes your very own set of gloves, too, although there are no promises they’ll match your mask.

Spots are limited because, well, social distancing is the new normal. Plus, you can rest assured that Steel City Pops will make sure their kitchens are sparkling clean before, during and after the classes.

Ready to sign up? Keep checking Steel City Pops’ website until you see the “Book Us” tab. Meanwhile, follow them on Instagram or Facebook + sign up for Bham Now’s free + fabulous newsletter so you don’t miss updates like this.

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