7 local artists’ Instagram accounts you need on your feed

Art created by Micah McKenzie and Derrick McKenzie Jr. Photo courtesy of Micah McKenzie

As much as we love seeing ice cream and doughnuts while we’re going through the ‘Gram, it doesn’t do much to inspire us—just our hunger. Birmingham has art in every corner of the city and the most accessible way to find unique styles is through social media. Start scrolling with us.

1. Erica Chisolm

  • Who: Erica Chisolm is a mixed-media acrylic painter, art activist and muralist. She’s currently working as a Creative Placemaking Specialist for Urban Impact Birmingham.
  • Why you should follow: In addition to having awe-inspiring art, Erica’s mission behind the paintbrush to create murals and activate art in underserved communities makes her work even more meaningful.
  • Learn more: Instagram | Website

2. Sarah Mason

  • Who: Once a professional musician, Sarah now uses her creative genius to paint introspective abstracts. Vibrant colors and gorgeous designs fill each of her canvases.
  • Why you should follow: Enjoy the intricate color combos on her feed and, every once in awhile, your ears may also be blessed with her musical talents.
  • Learn more: Instagram | Website

3. Chloe York

  • Who: Chloe is an award-winning abstract painter and muralist. You can even share her work when writing on a greeting card from Stone Hallow Farmstead or find it wearable on masks from Amparo Creative House.
  • Why you should follow: If I could have Chloe paint my entire apartment, I would. Her whimsical and playful designs always put a smile on my face and you can see the inspiration in each piece.
  • Learn more: Instagram | Website

4. Micah McKenzie

  • Who: A true jack-of-all-trades, Micah practices nearly every traditional and nontraditional art medium, including oil paint, acrylic paint and digital photography. Like her talent, her inspirations stretch far and wide, such as Black art and culture and her own life experiences.
  • Why you should follow: Micah’s art is breathtaking and seeing work from an artist who has a hand in many different creative pots is inspiring to all creatives alike.
  • Learn more: Instagram | Website

5. Chiharu Roach

  • Who: Currently, Chiharu is showing her work at Ground Floor Contemporary and is a featured artist at the upcoming art festival, MOSS Magic. While she explores different mediums, you may know her work best from the ethereal paintings of women with animals or insects entwined in their hair.
  • Why you should follow: Chiharu’s art is unconventional, yet I think it’s easy for many people to relate with. It’s enjoyable to anticipate what subject will fill her canvas next.
  • Learn more: Instagram

6. Marika Austad

  • Who: Marika is a small-batch ceramic artist focused on hand-thrown pottery. If you like what you see, consider taking her wheel throwing class at MAKEbhm.
  • Why you should follow: Aside from adorable content thanks to Marika’s bandit sidekick, it’s soothing to watch her videos and satisfying to see the gorgeous finished products.
  • Learn more: Instagram | Website

7. Jon Osborne

  • Who: Jon is an award-winning contemporary artist drawing inspiration from music, dharma and urban art, among other aspects.
  • Why you should follow: There’s really nothing else out there like Jon’s work and I’m always wowed when his art pops up on my page. According to his website, “Jon’s unique style aspires to bring awareness to the beauty of overcoming adversities with artistic freedom.”
  • Learn more: Instagram | Website

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